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This semester, many wonder what is in store for the upcoming holiday spirit. The holiday season is rolling in and the Student Government Association takes pride in starting it off right with hosting York College’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. After long hours of deliberating, each member came together to decide to throw an event that provides food for the entire student body with the variety of food being endless and will be served by volunteer guests.

But is the food drive waiting to happen just about the food or is there an underlying message being pushed across? Janna Rodriguez, treasurer of Student Government Association, said the true anticipation of the food drive “is to spend quality time with one another” and to get into the joyous holiday spirit. Now there is only hope and good faith that the rest of the student body will see the food drive in the same light and feel the same way when the food drive comes.

Going around the York College Campus, we sat down with several students and employees to talk about things pertaining to the Thanksgiving holiday. Ashley Lee, Sociology major, age 24, said, “Thanksgiving is clearly the holiday to remember what you are grateful for”. With her answer, she smirks and adds how she hopes the food drive can accommodate all the people on campus, making all those around laugh because we all know how nothing attracts students at York College more than free food. And that concept right there was the main focus of most people’s response to the questions being asked.

They look forward to the unlimited amount of food to stuff down. However, that is not the idea Student Government Association is shooting for. They do not want students to pack their plates and then leave the event. It is a moment for lingering around and socializing among each other. It’s a moment in time to possibly see a new face, get a new name and meet new friends or catch up with old friends. Julian Jones, Speech Communications major, age 27, said he looks “forward to seeing plenty of birds and sweet potatoes being handed out” at the Food Drive because his personal opinion are those specific foods can make any person smile. And the abundance of smiles is definitely one of the aims that the Student Government is hoping for this event in addition to seeing the atrium packed with people.

Moving along campus, many people were feeling appreciative that the Student Government Association was taking pride in hosting the Food Drive. Many have gave thumbs up and spoke positive things like how Student Government are “being very prominent on campus and will lead to even bigger and better events for the campus”, said Nosa Edionwe, age 23. With many people on campus knowing there is a food drive, they wonder now what will Student Government Association do when the Christmas holiday comes rolling in. The anticipation is driving excitement throughout campus. Patrick Pierre-Louis, Accounting Major, age 24 has added along with Nosa’s response that he is “so glad the Student Government is taking initiative” to have an event like this.

Many are proud that the Student Government seems to make their presence known more than any other club in the York institution. Students feel that they are paving York College more attractively and a place to call home by continuously creating events for the Students to participate in. Furthermore, Patrick believes Thanksgiving is the celebration to being reminded of how to enjoy life, be grateful and a chance to fulfill your purpose alongside of friends and family. He hopes to see at the event, one another supporting each other and “improving lives on a permanent basis. It would be special if awareness for giving and appreciation was risen at a higher stake”. Taneka Sylvester, Psychology Major, age 26, agreed with Patrick and hopes the event will “actually reach out to people and remind them of the many fortunes they possess”.

On the other hand, no response was such in depth until we came across Travis Campbell, employee for Aladdin Food Corporation here in York College when he highlights the meaning of Thanksgiving around family. He said, “There is no doubt that Thanksgiving can be about the massive plates of food you make yourself repeatedly back to back. But it’s more so about family and taking the time to be grateful for the people that remain in your life”. Travis then eagerly pulled out his cellphone to show what family is to him. It revealed both of his beautiful sons.

He continued on with, “While others are talking about the food, I am here to say that I am blessed to have both my sons, Chance and Naiseem, with me this Thanksgiving and looking forward to many more Thanksgivings to come. We are living in a chaotic world where a lot of misfortunes occur so Thanksgiving should be about the gratitude and appreciation that I wake up every day with my sons’ right there still alive and breathing. My sons are in good health. They laugh. They smile. Nothing can beat how it feels to embrace them in my arms—that’s a fortune. They are my little men and I love them to death”. With creating teary eyes for us, Travis hopes the same love he has for his sons can be reciprocated for everyone at the Food Drive. It is a holiday of giving on November 24th in the Atrium of the Core Building at 12pm to 2pm and again at 4pm to 6pm. Hope to see everyone there!


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