Music Review: California Musician Kyle at Webstar Hall

Musician Kyle's Album Cover. Animated Gif created by Valerie Victor. Original Photo from Google.
Musician Kyle’s Album Cover. Animated Gif created by Valerie Victor. Original Photo from Google.


Kyle, a 22 year old male rapper and singer from Ventura, California is the new craze in music. Kyle began his rap career in 2010, and with the help of social media, he was able to increase his fan base. He is also being referred to as “SuperDuperKyle” or “King Wavy.” This fun, expressive and dope individual is definitely bringing something new to this modernized generation of rap. With influences such as Drake and Kid Cudi, Kyle incorporates both singing and rapping. And when you hear it,  you can’t help but put the song on repeat.

A majority of his instrumentals are upbeat, infused with hints of electronic and old school 90’s dance melodies. Rapping mostly about hanging out with his “SuperDuper” Crew, and just overall enjoying the life of a young adulthood, Kyle welcomes fans into his world through his music.  

“Smyle” is the newest project from Kyle. This sophomore album gives his listeners a bit more of his personality and dope style of music. Singles off the album include “Remember Me” (featuring Chance the Rapper) , “Really Yeah,” and “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love,” – which includes a sample from the late 80’s artist Jane Child. He touches on topics such as young relationships, young love, hanging out with your “homies” and enjoying the summer.

This album is definitely a must have among students. Kyle is easy to connect with. He’s relatable with fun music topics, and his music has a lot of uptempo beats. His beats are fun to listen to, play at a party, or even blast in your car.

I had the pleasure of actually seeing SuperDuperKyle in concert this month at Webster Hall. My VIP access earned me a chance to be able to speak with Kyle and take a photograph with him. Kyle, as well as others from the SuperDuper Crew,  welcomed every fan that was present and it was clear that they appreciated every supporter of his music.

Kyle’s performances were very energetic. His love for video games was also incorporated in the concert with some clips from the classic “Mario Super Smash Bros.” The experience of the concert itself was beyond amazing and I would surely recommend everyone to go check out SuperDuperKyle’s music – it will absolutely you “Smyle!”

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