Stop Comparing R. Kelly to Chris Brown

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi on Flickr

By Autumn Matthews

What do you think of when you hear these two musical artist? Talented? Good musicians? Or even good songwriters or great performers?

Some people have labeled them monsters because of the things they have done in their past… but do both of them deserve to have the same label? R Kelly is without a doubt a monster but Chris Brown I think doesn’t deserve to be put in the same category.

Honestly I feel that Chris Brown isn’t not a monster because of what he did to Rihanna back in 2009.We all make mistakes and we have to learn from those mistakes. The incident between them was almost ten years ago but some people still bring it up like it happened yesterday. If Rihanna forgave him for what he did why can’t people just move on forgive but never forget like Rihanna.

I believe that R Kelly is a monster regardless how good his music is. After watching the six part Surviving R Kelly documentary I was so disgusted by the things I have heard that this man done to those young women including the Princess of R&B, the late Aaliyah.

It is a shame how a person as talented and gifted as he is can be capable of doing such evil things to women and get away with it. I honestly feel that people should have done something about it years ago especially since everyone in the music industry back then knew exactly what he was doing to young women.

Now what he has done cannot be forgiven because even after the tape with him and that fourteen year old girl was released he still continued with having relationships with underage girls. At this point of time R Kelly is canceled and hopefully everyone will come to their senses and put this man away for good.

He may be a good singer and all those other gifts that he has but that man is a monster and needs serious help.

Over the Christmas break Chris Brown was falsely accused of sexually assaulting a young girl and was arrested in Paris nearly a week after he became one of the youngest artists to own all of his master recordings. First thing I thought was they never want this man to be great. I even saw some people started bringing up the Rihanna thing in a joke way like “Rape I don’t know about that but if the girl said he beat her up he did it.”

Just like I said before they always bring up this situation like it happened yesterday and it is not ok at all. He knows what he did ten years ago and he has moved on and learned from it why can’t people just understand that. I’m happy that the accusations were false because I could not imagine Chris ruining his career like the same way R Kelly did.

That is the difference between those two man Chris Brown was falsely accused and made one mistake when he was young and learned from it and all the accusations made about R Kelly were true.

As a community we need to all come together and cancel Robert Kelly and put him away forever.

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