Playoff Chances are Slim for Women’s Soccer Team

Sophomore Estefany Delgado fighting to keep possession. (PHOTO: VERITY ROLLINS)
Sophomore Estefany Delgado fighting to keep possession. (PHOTO: VERITY ROLLINS)

With the team’s record at 2-9, the women’s soccer team is having a rough season but hopes to finish strong heading into the CUNYAC playoffs.

Recently the team had a great win against Berkeley (3-0), but the team is still losing each game by an average of four goals. Senior Michelle Montalvan isn’t giving up on the playoff hopes despite the losses.

“Being on the playoffs would be a dream come true, and even though we are working towards it, we are not quite there yet and it leaves a bitter sweet taste,” said Montalvan. “We know that we are capable of it and we have a shot to win and if we do make it, I would say there’s no turning back. We would have to leave our souls out on the field to be in the finals.”

Senior and team captain Jessica Cornejo is in her final season but hasn’t lost hope in playoffs as they are mathematically still in the hunt.

“I have been on the team for four years and each year our goal was to make it to playoffs. This is my last chance as a player to fight for a spot in the playoffs and  I still think we can get in.”

One of the causes for the weak season is the lack of team chemistry. The players on the team have busy schedules which has not allowed them to practice as a whole.

“Practices are okay at the moment,” Montalvan said. “ We only wished everyone could be there so we can improve more as a team, but unfortunately with classes and midterms only two-thirds of the team can make it to practice and it is affecting us on our games.”

Cornejo also acknowledges that not having everyone at practice has affected their performance on the field during games.

“This season was kinda hard because we got the schedule of games late, plus we had to adjust to a new coach,” said Cornejo. “During this season we tried to work around everyone’s schedule but sometimes it isn’t possible because players have to work or have class. This affected and is affecting the assistance for practices and sometimes for games too.”

Head Coach Richard Rivas has been pushing the players to the best of their abilities.  While it hasn’t payed off in wins, the players admit they’ve learned a lot from him.

“Adjusting to coach Rivas was a little complicated on the beginning because he was working us on being fit for the season physically and also technique wise.” Montalvan said. “There was a lot of new things we learned with him and I feel like every week is something new and exciting. That’s something I have to give him credit for, practice is always fun and educational, everything we learn is really useful and I’m grateful for that.”

Rivas this season has been put in a situation where he is trying to make this program relevant in the future. The encouragement that he is putting on the team has provided a positive attitude on the players.

“One great thing about coach Rivas is how he encourages us even when things don’t go as we would want them to as far as winning more games,” said Cornejo.

The team has a tough couple of games ahead of them against John Jay and Brooklyn College among others. The team has a positive outlook on the rest of the season but they’re going to have to step it up in order to make the playoffs.

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