York Men’s Basketball Continues to Second Round of NCAA Tournament

(PHOTO FROM york.cuny.edu)
(PHOTO FROM york.cuny.edu)

After a season of stellar wins, York College men’s basketball went to the Division III NCAA tournament on March 6 and won their first game against Rhode Island College, furthering them into the second round.

“With two dynamic guards at the wing, teams can’t handle that,” said 2014 CUNYAC player of the year Michael Woods, 24. “This one was for coach St. John!”

This is York’s first time competing in the NCAA championships since 2007 when they lost to Ramapo College, and their first ever win.

Omar St.John (not related) led the team scoring 31 points, 5 assists and 1 steal and completed the game with York winning 79-54.

“I just let the game come to me,” said St. John. “Mike got off to a hot start, but then they started keying in on him and then I started to attack and make plays.”

“The fans from York brought their energy and support tonight,” said freshman Devoren Abrams, who went to the game via the fan bus due to work. “As a freshman it  is incredible to be apart of this experience.”

“I knew we had something when the starters called second squad avengers, to say that we are avenging them. That’s when I knew we had chemistry.” said Abrams.

After a slow start York went on a 16-2 run displaying their athleticism and shooting range.

Jaron Williams grabbed 15 rebounds and blocked five shots.

“Jaron gives 100 percent every time he plays,” said Shauncia Mccledon, a 21-year-old sophomore. “Basketball is a team sport so when one player doesn’t play well the next player has to step up and Jaron and Omar stepped up.”

“We fought real hard tonight, we are trying to make it to the NCAA finals so we have to stay focused,” said Williams. “Amherst won the tournament last year so we are ready for anything.”

Coach Ronald St. John won his first NCAA game as a coach on his sixth try. “It feels great winning this game, I am ready for the next one,” he said.

The team will play Amherst college on Saturday March 9 and if they win they will move forward to the quarterfinals.

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