YOU Season 3: A New Season Brings Another Fresh Start for Joe Goldberg

Photo by Gordon Correll from Flickr

By Kiara Gonzalez

If you want to watch a suspenseful and eventful show that makes you question how devoted you are or might want to be to a person, Netflix’s original series YOU debut their third season on Oct. 15, and might be the most thrilling season of the series yet. 

Joe Goldberg, (Penn Badgley) is the main character of the show who is witty and sly but clandestinely creepy. Joe will do anything he can to find love and will do anything for that love. Throughout the series, he has met different women who caught his eye and he did anything for them, in hopes for a better life for them with or without him. 

In the third season, Joe attempts to take on suburban life in the fictional California town of Madre Linda with his newly-wed wife, Love Quinn, (Victoria Pedretti), and their baby boy, Henry. As the season progresses, old habits seem as if they will die hard when Joe and Love try to work through their marriage, be parents, and adjust to their new life. Throughout the season, Joe and Love amplify what it means to be a team– utilizing trust, communication, and support. Despite their own personal relationship being marriage, other relationships like friendship, family and other interpersonal relationships are recognized and questioned.

Meeting some of the new characters, one can say that they’re itching for them to be killed off due to their attitude or repulsiveness. Being that Madre Linda is a small town, everyone knows each other and has conformed to certain social norms. Not everyone you see is genuine or kind. There are several secrets that unfold as the show continues and you just have to stay put and find out, which should be feasible because this season is an easy binge. 

There are so many life-changing events throughout the show, alcohol abuse, loss, suicide, marriage and relationships and now, the difficulties and challenges of raising a child given the couple’s new experience with parenthood. 

How far are you willing to go for someone you love? Where do you draw the line? What boundaries are set? Imagine having a partner who loves and cares for you, is attentive, attractive, sweet and kind, will put your needs before theirs and is protective of you. It all sounds perfect, almost too good to be true. The only catch is that there are no limits to what this person will do for you, they will do absolutely anything for you to make your life all that it’s supposed to be. That kind of  “love” is consuming, obsessive and dangerous. Some might seek the thrill and experience the excitement but until when? Something as fiery as that love, will it keep burning or blow out?

This show is a must-see because in the third season, a lot of lies unfold and there is another protagonist. Goldberg meets his match and it challenges him to see things from a different perspective. This show highlights the difference between impulsiveness and strategy. This show also highlights the importance of trust and how far a relationship would go when the trust is established or not there at all.

There were only small and few implications of the past but it showed how the characters can be vulnerable. Throughout the show, it seemed as though there were a lot more gruesome murders than there actually were when in reality, it’s the drama that just amplifies. The power of technology was another highlight throughout the show; there isn’t much to get away with when there are eyes watching everywhere and other technological advancements used in the show. 

There is only so much a person can take before some things get too far. But how far will they go to start over? What other lies have to be told? How far does one have to go to get other people to believe the story? All questions can be answered by watching this heart-wrenching,  adrenaline-boosting third season of YOU and gaining your own insight into the madness.

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