After Sixteen Years, Charlie’s Angels Are Back!

Charlie’s Angels are back after 16 years. Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

By Jessica Defreitas

The new Charlie’s Angels movie is the perfect example of action, adventure and

womens’ empowerment. If you’ve seen the previous films, you know that this sequel is all about strong women who work together to fight against criminals and the typical ‘bad guy’. 

Before, we saw Dylan, Natalie and Alex played by Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu respectively use their impeccable fighting techniques and charm to battle against evil characters in the past. Now, we are introduced to Elena, Sabina and Jane played by Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart and Ella Ballinska, respectively.

These three young and very different women along with their ‘Bosley’ (Bosleys are

head of the Charlie’s Angels operations), set out on a mission to fix an advanced energy program called Calisto. Each of them has their own special talents and unique characteristics that make them perfect together. 

Similar to the previous film, one of them is a Tech Savvy scientist, the other is a powerhouse of a fighter and the other is funny and goofy but a great fighter as well. 

Together these women use their specific capabilities to retrieve an important piece of hardware that can cause massive destruction.

Throughout the movie we see aspects of friendship, battle, hardship, betrayal and

lots of humor. I particularly enjoyed Sabina’s goofy character and at many scenes she had the

audience actually cracking up. I loved how this movie’s theme was based on action and fighting

while being so funny and relatable.

Elizabeth Banks is such an amazing and talented person, she not only directed but

starred in the film as well. I was quite impressed when I saw her name pop across the screen as Director since she played such a major role in the movie as a Bosley. 

Her character was actually one of my favorites. She exhibits qualities of leadership, teamwork and overall care and affection for the girls whilst secretly battling a seemingly unbeatable character.

Towards the climax, there were many plot twists that had the audience questioning

the loyalty of the Bosleys to Charlie. John Bosley, who was the head of the Bosleys, turns out to be completely different from his role in this movie. His personality and character fully changes to everyone’s surprise. 

These shocking series of events and plot twists are what really make this film different from its predecessors. 

Covering the ‘chick flick’ elements of this movie, you can enjoy many aesthetics.

From outfits to scenery to luxurious cars, many scenes in the movie are captivating and pleasing to the eye. The angels like always, wear decadent and sexy outfits even when in combat. We can also see character build and growth throughout the film. 

This is in particular with Elena who you will see evolves from shy to brave and ultimately becomes a character everyone loves.

After watching this movie, my first instinct was to download the album. This movie features songs from Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Normani and many other popular artists. ‘Don’t Call me Angel’, is a billboard hit that plays during the film. The album can be streamed on Spotify, Apple music and YouTube.

This movie was truly one for female empowerment. Women sticking together and having incredible leadership roles is always satisfying to see on the big screen. Charlie’s Angels is a must watch for those of you who love an enthralling adventure story mixed with a good laugh. 

It is also not solely a ‘chick flick’, for those guys out there who think it may not be for them. The plot is interesting, courageous and entertaining to say the least.

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