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Bad Boys for Life Franchise Is No Longer About Bad Boys

Mike Lowey (Will smith, Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) have each others backs in Columbia Pictures’ Bad Boys For Life Photo Credit: Emrahozcan via Flickr

By Autumn Matthews

The movie Bad Boys For Life was an amazing one to watch. The movie made me laugh and cry. Well, most of the time I cried, which I normally don’t do while watching a movie. However, when it came to Bad Boys For Life it was worth shedding a couple of tears. 

I liked how they kept all the original characters from both films and did not add any new ones. They kept the storyline smooth and collective. The plot was engaging, which proved so since I didn’t even get up for a bathroom break. There were a lot of jaw dropping moments especially when it came to the plot twists. It was way more emotional and intense. It felt good to see my two favorite actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up again and do an amazing job on another Bad Boys movie. It was worth the watch and the wait.

 I watched the film twice in the same week that it came out. Just like the first and second Bad Boy movie this one as well was worth watching more than one time. We saw a different Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), and Mike Lowrey (Will Smith), in this movie; more of good boys than bad boys. I noticed that the writers did the film where it was impossible to predict what was going to happen next– you just had to sit and wait. Everyone thought the movie wasn’t going to be so entertaining, since Smith and Lawrence are much older now but they actually did a great job, even as older versions of themselves. Unlike in the previous franchise when we saw the two brothers in full bad boy move. I also saw how the writer’s did a great job with Mike’s character development. I thought I was going to see him do the same things that he did in the previous Bad Boys movie which were being violent and rebellious but however, his character was much less of those. Also, with Marcus’s character we received the more soft and at peace side of him. 

This movie was all about brotherhood, taking risks, and being there for the ones that you love. Hopefully they win a couple of film awards for their amazing performances especially Will Smith. This is the most serious I have ever seen him in a Bad Boys franchise. I think there is going to be another one because the film left off on a cliffhanger. Normally when films leave off on cliffhangers, there’s going to be another film that uses the cliff hanger as a start for a new plot. Overall, I hope that there is another Bad Boy franchise and it was such a mind blowing and well put together film. I hope to see Smith and Lawrence perform together again and many more Bad Boy’s franchises. 

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