Black Podcasts Invite Listeners to Free Live Meet and Greet Event

Tea With Queen and J will host the podcast event. The event is a chance for multiple podcasts t meet fans of their shows. Photo Credit: Tea With Queen and J


On Saturday March 11 there will be a podcast meet up held in Brooklyn. The meet up intends to put faces to each of the voices of popular podcasts in New York.

The hosting podcast is Tea with Queen and J. The show has over ninety episodes after starting in 2014. The duo provides lots of laughs, as the Bronx natives discuss pop culture, politics, and liberation over a cup of tea.

Among the list of podcasts that will be in attendance are the hosts of the Extraordinary Negroes. This show debuted in May of 2016 and has just over 20 episodes. On every episode the writers Jay Connor and Alex Hardy “dive into humorous explorations of relevant issues within the African American Community.”

The show boasts an impressive list of guests including Tiffany “Budgetnista” Aliche the financial guru, Jerrika Hinton of Grey’s Anatomy, celebrity chefs from Trap Kitchen, Grammy nominated group King and many more.

Next on the lineup is The Girth Podcast. The podcast is hosted by Eb the Celeb. Every week she has a guest co-host recording with her. The show provides a provocative look at pop culture and “humorous sexcapades.” The guests range from vine stars and porn stars to athletes and recording artists.

Also in attendance will be the Bag Ladiez Podcast. These proud Afro-Latinas are in their third season and going strong. The show covers a variety of provocative topics such ‘I Love Black Women,” “I Just Want My Kids to See Grass,” and “Even I Don’t Trust Bodegas that Don’t Have Cats.”

Live at the event you will also see the host of the Inner Hoe Uprising show. This lady discusses sex, love, and dating from the perspective of a black feminist in her twenties along with a weekly guest hosts.

The popular show, Bodega Podcast will also be at the meet up. This podcast comes in with over thirty episodes to their credit. The three-person team includes an actor, a dancer, and a DJ.

These three share hilarious stories about their adventures through life while discussing some hot button issues. The group paints vivid pictures of their journeys. They also bring in special guests from time to time to share their life stories. The most famous topic question is “what are you buying at the bodega?” This question always gets their guests thinking hard about their recent bodega purchases.

The lineup also features the hosts of We Come from Queens. With over fifty episodes completed, hosts Monique and Cadacia “explore the parameters of life” as they evolve into “Queendom.” The pair turn their regular conversations into an open forum for all to enjoy and engage in. They discuss a variety of topics including money, dating, health, life tips, as well as societal issues and much more.

The popular podcast, The Cure, is always sure to bring the laughs with hosts, Marcus and Rell, odd views of life in their twenties. The dynamic duo, who are also cousins, continue to draw listeners in with the latest issues and events going on today. The listeners do their part for the show, by coming up with some of the wildest questions someone would have to hear to believe.

On March 11 at 3 Bleecker St., Brooklyn, NY at 4 p.m. join these podcasts and others for an in person meet up. RSVP for this free event on Eventbrite #PodinLiveNYC .

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