CUNY TV Wins Two Awards for 2018 New York Emmy Awards


By Anslem Joseph

CUNY TV took home two awards from the 61st New York Emmy Awards.

Álex Lora Cercós piece, Sure We Can, won an award in the Environment category while Sarah Foudy, Diana Vargas, Carmen Vidal’s piece, Nueva York: D.C. Women’s March, won in the Politics/Government category.

   CUNY TV had been nominated for 15 Emmy Awards beating their previous record of 11 nominations back in 2017.

“We are thrilled to represent The City University of New York in the number one television market in the country, as we continue our mission of educating and informing viewers throughout New York City and beyond,” said Vanessa Mouner a producer at Cuny TV.

The CUNY TV nominations feature shows with a variety of genres like art, entertainment, and education. Nominees Tinabeth Piña and Sarah Foudy both gave their input on how they feel about receiving this Emmy Nomination.

Piña is the managing editor at CUNY TV and the senior producer of  Arts in the City, and a reporter/producer for Science & U. She also is a reporter/producer for Asian American Life and the host of  Study with the Best. Piña was nominated for three nominations and stated, “That reinforces the fact that I’m doing a good job! One nomination is for the show Arts In The City (AITC) and the other two are for segments that I produced. One was for AITC which is about dance photographer Jordan Matter and the other nomination is for Science & U which is about Chris Emdin a professor who teaches science using hip hop!”

Overall, she wants viewers to learn how to think outside the box and make a career out of it through hard work and effort. Her goal for the future is to continue the work she is doing and to expand her work to a higher demographic of audiences.

Sarah Foudy, a director, producer and an editor for documentaries pertaining to discussions on social issues and independent films, received a nomination for a segment she and her team called Nueva York: D.C. Women’s March. Foudy a BAFTA nominee, is also the winner of eight previous Emmy Nominations for her show Nueva York.

Sarah is  proud of herself and her team for receiving another Emmy nomination this year for their segment Nueva York: D.C. Women’s March. When giving a description on her show she said, “Our show gives Spanish-speaking New Yorkers a voice, a place to express their unique hopes and dreams in a media market that often marginalizes. It teaches all of us about the diversity and richness of the NY Latino/Spanish-language experience.”

Sarah feels honored for being recognized for a CUNY TV Nomination and hopes that even more Producers/Editors of CUNY TV get recognized. In the future she hopes to continue “developing and producing enriching, educational, and cultural programing for generations to come.”


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