Halloween Tips and Ideas

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By Jessica Defreitas

It feels like just yesterday I was taking down my Christmas decorations and ringing in the New Year but it is already October and year-end festivities are already here. Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. We get to dress up as our favorite fictional characters, celebrities, historical people and the list goes on. Whether you go as a spider or Ariana Grande, unleashing our alter egos is always a good time. 

For those of you who love Halloween and want to be “extra” you do not have to wait until Christmas to put up decorations. Saving money at this time of year may be a top priority, especially with Christmas around the corner. Dollar Tree, Walmart and Marshalls are great places to shop if you want to creep out your neighbors on a budget. From trick or treating buckets to spooky scarecrows, you can find several Halloween items at these budget friendly stores. If you decorate and want to be more simplistic, try a ghost door wreath. For those with some yard space, a grass-installed skeleton will bring just enough spook with little effort. 

Parties are another aspect of Halloween that college students might look forward to. However,  finding the perfect costume can sometimes be difficult. Imagine if you have a hard time choosing between Post Malone or The Joker, who you both love and have both trended this year. To make your costume different and unique, you can combine two or more characters into one outfit. Who says you can’t be a creepy zombie Flintstone from the dead? Allow your imagination and creativity to flow during this season! You might be surprised how great it can be and also the conversation pieces it will bring up.

 Making your costume is an option for those on a budget. Youtube and “goodhousekeeping.com” have some uncommon but really ingenious ideas and tips on how to go about making your own costume. 

With the weather changing and so many people trying to save money, house parties are going to be common during this time. Halloween house parties are so entertaining and intriguing because the hosts get to add their personal touches to the event. If you are throwing a house party for Halloween you definitely want the food and drinks to be a hit. You may want to be super involved with the details of your event which may include hearty desserts and finger foods.

During Halloween many people like to bake ghost or pumpkin shaped cookies, cake pops and other desserts. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream would be a great choice and it is actually quite easy to make. I am a big fan of “allrecipes.com” because their recipes and instructions are so simple and easy you start to think of yourself as a chef. 

Some great mocktail/cocktails to spice up your party and make it festive are poison apples, jekyll and gin, the bloody mary (a classic) and the witch’s heart. These mixtures are easy even for a rookie to put together. They taste amazing and will have your guests talking.

 In the spirit of Halloween you must have candy at your party if nothing else.  Mystery Skittles are quite entertaining to add to your party bowl. Guessing the flavors can make things very interesting and hilarious.

For Halloween, we must look out for actual creeps with bad intentions. You may be trying to have a good time with your family, kids or friends and someone might take it too far. Stay alert and remember to have fun!

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