Lassie’s Story

Photo Credit | Sue Thomas from UNSPLASH

By Kiara Gonzalez

There was a ladybug named Lassie that lived near the Hudson River in a small grass patch with her bloom. Lassie grew up being bullied for her spots because she only had three spots that almost shaped into a heart. She didn’t have the most rounded, blackest, or proportionate spots and other ladybugs found Lassie to be weird and out of the ordinary. There was a competition going on in the grass patch for any ladybug that had the most beautiful spots. Lassie’s family insisted she go into the competition because although she was unique, they found her beautiful. Lassie enters the competition and she sees other ladybugs with the most beautiful spots: perfectly round, rich, black, and shiny.

She saw others with a bright red Elytra and a few black spots. Lassie became discouraged and almost walked out of the competition until her mom stopped her and said, “You are beautiful, you are enough and you are worthy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this competition should prove to yourself that you are just as beautiful as the other ladybugs. Go on and don’t be afraid, my love.” Lassie lets out a sigh and walks back towards the hub of the
competition. As the ladybugs line up, others laugh and giggle whenever Lassie walks past them because of her unique spots. Lassie let out another sigh and she locked eyes with her mom and smiled.

The judges were in the forefront as they listened to all of the ladybugs talk and show off their looks. Lassie was the last contestant and by then the judges seemed to be tired and antsy. When Lassie stood in front of the judges, they were in awe of her unique spots. The judges then asked, “Why did you come here today?” She responded, “I came here to prove to others that it is okay to be different, it is okay to stand out and we’re all beautiful in our
own way.”

The judges murmur to each other and say, “Thank you for your time, that’ll be all for tonight.” In disbelief, Lassie walks off slowly with discontent. She meets up with her mother away from the crowd and begins to tear. Her mom asks,“Why are you crying?” Lassie responds, “Because I don’t think they like me either, they didn’t even speak to me as long as the other ladybugs.” Before her mother could respond, the horn blew and the ladybugs were summoned to go in front of the judges again. One of the judges flies up and says, “Thank you all for showing up tonight, we enjoyed your responses and you are all beautiful.

We chose a winner and that is: Lassie Ladybug.” The other ladybugs let out a gasp and the crowd went wild, especially Lassie’s mother. Lassie’s eyes widened and flew up to the judge, “Why me?” The judge responds, “Because unique is beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Congratulations Lassie, you deserve this.”
He hands her the red amaryllis as a trophy and there is baby breath flying through the air to celebrate the winner. Lassie is still in disbelief of the results and all she can do is squeeze her mom tight with joy and pride.

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