Models at “New York Fashion Week” 2022 Wows Audience.

by Tonia-lee Haughton 

This year, I watched the New York Fashion Week show that took place on Feb. 16, and I’m here to share my thoughts on it and the thoughts of a few others. I watched the fall and winter portion of the event where models strutted down the runway in stylish garments released and created by 62-year-old designer Michael Kors. Most of the outfits worn were in nude colors and earth tones, which, although isn’t usually my taste, was nice and simple. However, there were a few other outfits where the colors were the opposite. The vibrant tones brightened the screens and blinded the eyes of those who saw them in person.

Barbara Valente modeled one of my favorite outfits, a fully nude, tan-brown attire. She wore a double-sleeved winter coat over a jumpsuit with a belt and ankle boots. To complete the already splendid outfit, she had a purse of a similar color at her side. I love that the tan colors all over made her stand out on the runway. I think these colors made her shine, which helped me understand why Kors had chosen this outfit to model.

Barbara Valente, 24 via FF Channel on YouTube

Irina Shayk’s attire also intrigued me. I was fond of her shiny silver trench coat paired with gray high heels and a coat belt in the matching color. This attire also brought out her eyes and makeup. However, what really made her glow on the runway were the lights at the show reflecting off of her outfit. 

“I really like this piece,” York College student Erica Jeudy said. “Trench coats are that thing I could never pull off but always admired, and the way it’s styled on the model, including the fabric, is really beautiful.”

 I felt the same way about this coat, as I would love to wear one like it on a cool autumn day in Manhattan, the perfect time and place for such a coat.

Irina Shayk, 36 via FF Channel on YouTube

Well-known fashion icon Gigi Hadid also walked down the runway. She wore a long, sparkly black dress with one sleeve on one side and a strap on the other with a long slit at her leg. Hadid modeled alongside her sister, Bella Hadid, who wore a similar dress. Except hers had two long sleeves and a hole in the side. Nevertheless, the sisters pulled off their similar dresses in their unique ways. I liked that they were placed in similar garments because it depicted their closeness to each other as siblings, and it showed they inherited their mirroring tastes in style.

Gigi Hadid, 26 via FF Channel on YouTube
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Bella Hadid, 25 via FF Channel on YouTube

Paloma Elsesser was especially elegant in her all-black attire. She was in a sleeveless dress with a wide belt at her waist and a furry scarf-like coat around her arms and shoulders. Her strut down the runway was topped off with high heels, and a black purse with a chain for a strap gripped in her hand. I admired the simplicity of her get-up as it reflected what an ordinary person would wear to a formal event; this dress is almost similar to what I have in my own closet!

Paloma Elsesser, 29 via FF Channel on YouTube

Adut Akech wore a black pantsuit with a brown fur coat that contrasted with the two pieces of clothing. In her hand was a black handbag as she walked gracefully on the runway. The fur coat was my favorite part of her attire because it looked warm and comfortable to wear, and I thought it was a lovely color on her. 

“The outfit is very casual,” said Suhana Shelley, a York College student. “I feel like it definitely suits during the wintertime obviously because of the large furry coat. I also feel like it matches really well with the black fit inside since brown and black go well together.” 

Shelley and I share similar opinions on this outfit, and I strongly agree with her and the casual feel of the attire during winter.

A person walking down a runway

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Adut Akech, 22 via FF Channel on YouTube

As the show ended, the models made their way down the runway in a single file line, followed by their designer, Michael Kors, who waved to the audience. The smile on his face as he descended the runway showed how proud he was, not only of his designs but also of his models and how they demonstrated their confidence in the outfits and how they wore them. I personally gave him a round of applause for how well his designs were done and the show’s quality.

Michael Kors, 62 via FF Channel on YouTube

I enjoyed watching the show to the end. I was amazed at how beautiful the models were in their gorgeous attires and how their clothes complimented their overall look. While I wasn’t impressed by everyone’s clothing designs, I’ve found some that stood out to me really well. Watching this show and writing about it has been an interesting experience because I got to explore the world of fashion and rediscover my past interest in it as a child. In addition, this fashion show may just have prompted me to watch others in the future and develop my own sense of style.

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