Movie Preview: Hustlers

Cardi B is set to star in Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez. Photo Credit: Chrisallmeid via Wikipedia Commons

By Tylaisha Davis

Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B are teaming up once again, but this time it’s for a movie.

Hustlers, which is set to be released Sept. 3, will also star Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Constance Wu and Julia Stiles.

Hustlers is centered around a group of strippers who band together to scam their male Wall Street clients out of thousands of dollars. The film, which is currently being filmed in New York and is being directed by Lorene Scafaria, is based on Jessica Presslers 2016, New York Magazine article, The Hustlers at Scores.

Jennifer Lopez describes her character, Ramona, as a tough, unapologetic money maker, and single mom from the Bronx. In an interview with radio host Ebro Darden, Lopez talked about how in order to prepare for the film she would go to strip clubs and talk to the women who worked there.

“I am exposing myself in a way, like emotionally and physically, more than I ever have in a movie” Lopez told Darden.

Lopez also talked about how she challenged herself and trained her body for the role because of the pole dancing and lack of clothes the role required.

“It’s easy when you’re twenty, it gets progressively harder as you get more mature,” said Lopez.

Cardi B also recently talked to Variety about the upcoming film and how excited she is to be filming alongside Jennifer Lopez and show what happens inside strip clubs.

In a radio interview with the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM, Jennifer Lopez also revealed that she personally called Cardi B to ask her to be in the movie and worked around Cardi B’s crazy schedule to make sure that she was in the film.

“You know she knew so much about this world already,” said Lopez. “So it was a thing that hit home for her and I was like you know I just think this would be a great thing for you to be involved with.”

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