My Boyfriend is A Vampire?

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By Autumn Matthews 

              It’s Halloween, one of your favorite holidays of all time besides Thanksgiving and Christmas. This will be the first Halloween that you won’t spend being single. You and your boyfriend Max have been dating for about a year and a half. You two had met in a Creative Writing class that you guys took together two years ago; senior year. Tonight you are having a Halloween party in your apartment with your friends from childhood, college, and your co-workers. 

You are excited to show your boyfriend off to those who haven’t met him yet. But you are a bit unsure if tonight was going to go so well. There are some strange things about Max. Sometimes staring in his eyes and you forget what happened. He wears this ring on his finger that he refuses to take off even during the day time. You never see him eat. Sometimes—well most of the time—his skin would look extremely pale. Your best friend thinks that your boyfriend is a vampire and that’s what probably explains the strange behavior. 

However, you think that’s silly because there is no such thing as vampires; there’s no way they exist. He would have already tried to suck her blood or tried to turn her into a vampire. 

 If Max was a vampire he would have never been outside during the day. It made no sense to her. She couldn’t even be excited anymore for the party since tonight she was going to confront him about it, but of course not in front of everyone, but just pulling him to the side. 

It is time for the party. You are excited to celebrate Halloween but nervous to confront Max about being a vampire. So to get it over with before the guests start arriving at your apartment, you confront Max and ask him nervously if he’s a vampire. He laughs at you and tells you you already know. Why would you think he was a vampire? What a silly thing. You’re in relief that he’s not a vampire but kind of sad that he isn’t. It would have been cool to have a vampire boyfriend. Never judge a book by its cover! 

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