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Popular New York Discuss the Future of their shows

On Saturday March 11, black podcasters met for the #PodinLiveNYC podcast meetup.

It was a great event for the ever growing podcast culture. The event allowed podcasters to mix and mingle with their peers as well as their fans.

At the event podcast veterans like Marcus and Rell from The Cure Podcast got to talk to fans and were glad to see other podcasters who are behind some of their favorite shows.

“Dope event, great energy and great vibes,” said Rell. “It was dope seeing other black independent podcasters and connecting with them. It was a lot of love and support for each other.”

Also at the event was the Bodega Podcast and two of the show’s hosts, DJ and Adaloso, were spotted in the crowd mixing and mingling.

“It was a very smart event for the podcast community,” said DJ.

The ladies of We Come From Queens were in attendance, hanging with fans and chatting with some of the other podcasters. Host Cadacia said the event was a good way to meet other people in the podcast world.

“It was a nice networking opportunity,” said Cadacia. “The event was a really nice way for independent podcasters to connect and have a good time.”

Her co-host Monique said she listens to many of the podcasts and was excited to finally put faces to voices.


“I enjoyed finally meeting the other podcasters that I listen to,” said Monique, who is a big fan of, The Bag Ladiez, another podcast that was in attendance.

Host of the Inner Hoe Uprising, Sam, even brought some specially tagged condoms to distribute to the crowd and promote safe sex while having a good time at the event.  


Also at the event were hosts, Rae and Laurie, of the new show Generation HashtagRae and Laurie, from Generation Hashtag, spoke to Pandora’s Box reporter Jordan Jeffers to discuss the event in depth.

JJ: What made you two want to start a podcast?  

Laurie:  I love listening to podcasts and was excited when the opportunity arose to start one. I’m very opinionated and it’s hard to keep my thoughts to myself. People need to hear an alternative opinion, other than what everyone in the media is saying. I also like the fact that I’m bringing positivity into each listener’s life in some way, it’s like a personal conversation.

JJ: How are you enjoying everything that goes into making your own podcast?

Laurie: It took time to get used to hearing my own voice, but it’s been cool since then. Things have improved since the first recording and I’m excited to learn more and improve my networking.

Rae: I didn’t realize how much work went into producing. I had no basic knowledge of how to edit or properly record. I’ve enjoyed the learning process and am happy to teach others what I’ve learned.

JJ: Any podcasts that you are big fans of?

Laurie: The Read for their strong opinions. I don’t always agree with everything but they make every day occurrences hilarious. They also share my strong opinions especially politically. It’s almost cathartic. I listen to other podcasts here and there, but if The Read is out I listen to it right away.

Rae: The Read, Another Round, with Heaven and Tracey. I consider our podcast to be a fusion of the two. And, I recently discovered Joe Budden’s podcast, I’ll Name This Podcast Later.

JJ: Any big moves or events you hope to make through podcasting?

Laurie: I would love to do a live show when we have a big listener base. I would really love to meet genuine people one on one. I would also like to have an international impact on my listeners. That would be amazing.

Rae: I just want us to expand our audience and keep getting better.

JJ: How did you feel about the event?

Rae: It was very surprising. We didn’t realize there was such a large network of black podcasters. The room was filled with black talent, people that have been doing podcasts longer than us. It makes us feel secure that we can get to where they are.      

The hosting podcast, Tea with Queen and J, put together a great event that allowed everyone a chance to meet up and have a good time. The bar served drinks and music was played. The whole set up made the meet up one big party atmosphere that still allowed those that were there to relax chat comfortably.

You can follow the podcasts on Twitter at: @AskGenHashtag, @TheCurePodcast, @Bodegapodcast, and @WeComeFromQns and check out their shows available on soundcloud and iTunes.  

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