The Simpsons Renewed For Two Record Breaking Seasons

By Jessica Lau

The Simpsons, the longest-running sitcom television show, is being renewed for its 30th Season.

Fox’s double renewal of  The Simpsons has broken the record for the longest running scripted TV show surpassing Law and Order and Gunsmoke. The Simpsons has been a pop culture icon for over 26 years. The show averages 7.2 million viewers per episode. The show began as a series of animated shorts for The Tracy Ullman Show in 1987. Two years later they earned their own spot in the network. The first episode, Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, captured many hearts, marking the beginning of its sitcom legacy. The show has also become the first animated show to win the Peabody Award along with 32 Emmy Awards, the 2016 People’s Choice Award and the 2016 Environmental Media Award.

   “Eat My Shorts!” “D’oh!” and “Why, You Little!” are some of the well known catchphrases of The Simpsons. The show originally aired in black and white but the animator changed it to yellow so when the audience changes the channels and see a flicker of yellow they know they are watching the Simpsons.

        Aziza Abdumuminova, a Studio Arts Major, said she thinks the show attracts such a large audience because it is always changing.

“I think what makes The Simpsons popular is that it shows a regular family’s everyday life” said Abdumuminova. “They make fun of everything. They also predict the future. My favorite part is at the beginning of each episode where they all sit on the couch and different things happen.”

Some viewers think the characters in the show are relatable and the family values are similar to many of the families in today’s society. It’s The Simpsons dark humor and satire that causes audiences to tune in.

  “I like the show mainly because Bart is always has me guessing what he is going to do next. There is always something going on with him and Lisa,” said Hartley Mervil.

     Aside from the comedy, the show has produced a series of heartwarming and touching episodes that tug at audience heartstrings. The Flanders, an example of the typical family, they love to stick together and do everything together. Their kids are well behaved and respected unlike Bart.

        The characters have become icons, and show off their personalities in each episode. Bart, has become a fan favorite throughout the years as a troublemaker. He dislikes school and just wants to pull pranks on people. Lisa is a character some girls can relate to if they have a sibling at home. She is highly intelligent, but gets picked on a lot, simply because she is smart. Maggie is the youngest of the siblings and is often seen sucking on her red pacifier.

The Simpsons  insert real societal problems into the show and raise awareness. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield, a diverse place where some characters are often discriminated against based on their race and gender. In the episode The Secret War of Lisa Simpson, Lisa was discriminated against because she was the only girl enrolled in a military academy, which happens to many women in the armed forces.

The Simpsons pokes fun at each of the diverse characters that live in the town. Krusty The Clown is a popular celebrity in Springfield and often commits many illegal acts but always gets away with them. Mr. Burns who is the evil owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, often looks down on his employees, especially Homer, and pulls rank on them. The producers have announced that the show will end after the 30th season.

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