Trey Songz releases new Album “Tremaine”

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By: Tylaisha Davis

On March 24, singer, songwriter and actor Trey Songz’ album Tremaine came out. For the album, Songz worked with producers and writers Rico Love, Ester Dean, Poor Bear and others. The album consists of 15 songs with no features to show his fans a more vulnerable side.

Songz’ album title, Tremaine, is his real name. The idea of the album title is to let his fans get a more open side to him, not the Trey Songz side, but the Tremaine side. The side where he is 100 percent honest with himself. He is giving his fans the family man who wants a wife and kids one day.

Songz has not put out an album in the past two years. He was signed in 2003, and his first album came out in 2005. Over the past years he has been consistent with putting new music out.

He wanted to take a break and get back to why he fell in love with music in the first place. In an interview on radio host Big Boy’s radio station, Songz said that the songs on this album will make you think about 90’s music, making women feel beautiful and have women feel good about themselves.

To start 2017 off, Songz put out a mixtape on New Year’s day with rapper Fabolous called Trappy New Year’s. Just a few days after the mix tape release he put out another mixtape called Anticipation 3.

Even though Songz has not put out an album in two years, he has been doing shows and has been in the media a lot. Recently he was arrested after a performance in Detroit. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Songz said that he was arrested because he broke his equipment on the stage and there were false claims of him being disrespectful to the cops backstage. Songz said what was hurtful to him was his crew, that he had been working with for seven years, started the show 5 minutes early and cut him off 3 minutes late. Songz felt the show made him look bad, he fired the whole crew and now has to go to court over the incident.

Songz was recently bashed in the media for having some football players from The New York Giants on his boat just a few days before a football game. People blamed Songz, saying the football players should have been practicing for the game.

He has also been in the media a lot because of tweets he put on his twitter about racism and Donald Trump.

For this album Tremaine, Songz has put together a fake reality dating television show that you can watch online at Songz thought a fake reality show would be a great platform to introduce his music. Having beautiful women in the show would make men want to watch, and having himself and new music would make women want to watch.

Songz said he would never do a real reality t.v. show because he doesn’t want to put his personal business out there.

“[I am] not going to disrespect or do anything to make [a woman] look bad,” said Songz on a Breakfast Club interview. “That’s why my relationships are not public because I feel like you have to protect something. You cherish it before you give it to the world.”

Songz has put out five videos for his new album, incorporating it into the fake reality television show, Nobody Else But You, Playboy, Song Goes Off, She Lovin It and Animal. Each video shows the artist and celebrity side of him. But in the back of his mind he wants the Tremaine side of him to show one day. The video and song, Nobody Else but You shows how hard it is to be yourself and be with only one woman while in the music industry.  

“You have to earn my trust,” said Songz in the same interview. “[I’m] going to be honest with you no matter what I am doing.”

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