York College Economics Student Shares her Passion for Art

Photo Credit: Kayla Webb

By: Kayla Webb

Sophia Davis started painting at the age of 14 as a Freshman in high school. Her passion for art has grown and shaped the person she is today.

Sophia Davis is a senior Economics Major, and a member of the York Art Club. She said that she has loved art for such a long time. Her parents have indulged her excitement for the arts by making sure she was constantly in a creative space.

“Ever since I was a child my mom would take me to art museums and I loved going to them. I always took art classes in high school and then when I got to NYU I took classes. Then, started doing it on my own.”  

A defining moment for her in art is when her high school art teacher asked her if she would join the advanced art class. She said “that’s when I really started getting into my craft and doing it on my own.”

Davis describes her art style as “symbolistic.” This was a late nineteenth-century art movement of French, Russian and Belgian origin in poetry and other art.

“I don’t draw faces and hands. Not drawing hands sometimes represents helplessness. I also like to bring in symbols of my life and experiences into my work.”

Davis’ favorite artists are Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman.

“I like Frida Kahlo because of her life story and how it pertains to her art. I also like photographers such as Cindy Sherman, she takes a lot of weird photos and dresses up in different costumes.”

Sophia has also learned a lot from being a member of the York Art Club.

“I learned to be around people with the same interests as me and that sometimes people who have different ideas and styles can come together is an okay thing. We all have different styles and [the art project] came out really cool.”

Her advice for students who want to become more in tune with their artistic side is “don’t do art just to show someone, do it for yourself and then maybe in time you’ll want to show someone. Don’t always think you have to put yourself out there.”

As for Sophia’s career goals she said she hopes to make a career out of it or to be able to do it on the side while she pursues a career in economics.

“I know art is something I want to do with the rest of my life.”

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