Fall Fashions Highlight Culture at York

Photo Cred: Posh 101 Clothing Animated Gif by Valerie Victor
Popular singer Jhene Aiko wearing a dashiki. Photo Cred: Posh 101 Clothing Animated Gif by Valerie Victor

By Ashleigh Brown

It’s that time of the year again!  Leaves are falling from trees and the air is more brisk.  Classes are now in session. York College students are gearing up for the fall by wearing the hottest new trends for the 2015-2016 school year.

Plaid is a classic and timeless trend that just won’t go away. Plaid patterns can be worn with just about anything – shirts, scarves or pants. Plaid can easily be dressed up or dressed down and is a print that seems to work for any occasion; day or night, and can suit anyone’s style.

From typical flannel shirts to bolder pieces like pants, plaid has definitely taken over and has become a staple piece for anyone’s closet. A favorite plaid trend this year has been the revival of the plaid skirt. The phrase “plaid skirt” might make some cringe but these sophisticated colors make these skirts come off more chic and modern.

Another hot trend are the ethnic inspired prints called dashiki that come in many styles, colors and are very versatile.  They can be worn by both men and women and can also be worn dressed up or casual. 

The dashiki is very popular in West African countries. Dashiki is derived from the word “dashiki” which means shirt. Top celebrities such as Beyoncé, Chris Brown and Rihanna are also wearing those tunics.

“I think the dashiki trend is great. It shows the rich colors and beauty” said York student Tameka Jackson. “This has been around for a long time and I’m glad people are starting to embrace the clothing and represent the culture.”

The popular brightly colored dashiki tunic has easily become a must have staple piece. These West African prints are timeless and can give a whole new definition to an outfit. Whether you wear them with jeans or on their own, they’ll look just as eye-catching.

      “I think dashikis are cool, they help bring a sense of nostalgia…also with the different colors it helps you get more creative with your outfit” said Khalil Cantey.

        As temperatures slowly drop, it’s still possible to stay warm and cute for class. Knit turtleneck sweaters are an easy combination of a sweater and a scarf. Thick and knitted turtlenecks have really been popular lately. They’re warm and versatile and can be paired with anything from jeans to a midi skirts.

        Fair Isle prints are also a very popular sweater pattern this fall.  These prints are multicolored knit patterns inspired by the traditional and colorful knitting technique that originated in Northern Scotland. It’s also closely compared to the funky colored 80s sweaters Bill Cosby wore  on “The Cosby Show.”       

        The earth tone color scheme includes the browns, tans, warm grays, burgundy and greens in an attempt to emulate the colors of nature. Bohemian fashions of the 60s and 70s used these colors for a bohemian vibe.

Designers like Yves St. Laurent and Valentino adopted this trend and found better ways of putting together these earthy, rusty hues into a new symphony of color. Earth toned colors can be found in any fall clothing piece to sweaters, pants, scarves and bags. With many different fall fashion trends it might be hard to choose just one. Which one will you choose?

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