Cardinal Cafe’s Vegetable Pizza, the Better Fast Food Choice – A Review 

York’s Vegetable Pizza. | Photo by Frank Roman

By Frank Roman 

Within the area, York College students have many off-campus dining options; however, health-conscious eaters are seeking alternatives to hot dogs and burgers to maintain a healthier gut. 

So, what are some unhealthy foods you should avoid when dining out? For one thing, you should avoid excessive consumption of processed and red meats. 

Processed and red meats, known to have carcinogens, have been linked to causes of bowel and stomach cancers, according to the World Health Organization. Thus, the Cardinal Café’s vegetable pizza is a way of getting your calcium, protein, and vegetables on top of going meatless. 

Considering their high carcinogen content, burgers are not my top choice for lunch. So, I decided to order a healthier vegetable pizza from the Cardinal Café Pizza Station. 

I scanned the QR code at the pizza station and placed my order. As I watched my pizza being made, I was impressed by the safety food protection steps which were followed. For example, the kitchen had a clean, organized work table. Also, the cook always used plastic gloves, utensils, and a face mask. 

Once the pizza was assembled, it was put through a stainless steel-conveyor belt oven. Major pizza chains such as Domino’s and Papa John’s use these pizza ovens for their speed. 

I placed my order at 11:45 p.m. and received my pizza at 11:58 p.m., a total of 13 minutes in preparation and cooking. The menu advertises a 10-minute readiness. Still, three minutes over is not bad. 

Upon opening the pizza box, I saw a colorful kaleidoscope of radiating roasted red and green bell peppers, translucent onions, milky mozzarella cheese, black pepper specks, and a golden-rimmed crust. Immediately, I inhaled a flood of aromatic sweet peppers. 

As I bit into a slice, I tasted the delicious sweet peppers. The peppers were juicy yet slightly crispy, not dry at all. They were definitely the dominant flavor of the pizza. 

Loaded with cheese, it was like chewing on an extra cheese pizza. The mozzarella was mild and gooey. With every bite, it oozed down its crust. 

The crust was exceptionally different in texture. It was not only like a traditional crust but also like a Sicilian crust, soft and thick. Baked to perfection, it was neither too crispy nor too soft. 

My only disappointment was the need for more pizza sauce. But, overall, I recommend that everyone try the vegetable pizza at least once. 

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