Cardiovascular Disease Awareness with the Women’s Center

By Alejandra Hernandez

York’s Women’s Center raised awareness among students about cardiovascular disease. The center held an event where they encouraged everyone to wear red and to stop by the center to learn more about the cause of about one in every five female deaths

“We encouraged people to post on social media to raise awareness,” said Dr. Ebonie Jackson, director of the Women’s Center. “And to give (if they can) to the American Heart Association to raise money for research and to support survivors of cardiovascular disease.”

Cardiovascular disease affects some women at higher rates than others. However, with healthy lifestyle changes, it can be stopped from developing. It’s vital for women to be educated about personal risk factors as well as family history since heart diseases and strokes can affect a woman no matter their age. Research also shows that stress can impact health, which makes the connection of mind to body critical for all women. 

“We really encourage people to know your risk level and talk about your family history,” said Jackson. “Being a woman means you may have an increased risk of high blood pressure and, therefore, a higher risk of stroke. Pregnancy, menopause, or simply being a woman of color may play a part in increasing your risk. The good news is up to 80 percent of strokes may be prevented.” 

Women can prevent cardiovascular disease by not smoking, having a nutritious diet and making sure their cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose are at the proper levels. 

At the Women’s Center, each event they have is open to anyone. However, their focus is on women since they face gender inequity at a high level. The Women’s Center has many different programs throughout the year, including Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Education, Awareness & Prevention, Promoting Healthy Lifestyles (Mind, Body, & Spirit), Providing Internal/ External Resources and Referrals to Students, and Providing Leadership & Mentoring Opportunities.

“Anyone can get involved with the Women’s Center for Gender Justice – you don’t have to be a woman to care about gender justice,” said Jackson. Folks can attend one of our programs, workshops, or round table discussions or participate in the clubs that we support.” 

Jackson is also the faculty advisor for York’s Fashion Society and said they are trying to re-certify the Women’s club and the Crochet Club.  

With Women’s History Month upcoming in March, the Women’s Center has several events planned. On March 8, they will be celebrating International Women’s Day and at the end of the month, they will host a Women’s History Month Colloquium & Panel Discussion.

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