Commencement 2023 – A Breakdown of the Money for Events

Senior Salute. | Photo by Guamacice Delice

By Guamaice Delice

The Student Government Association had five proposals approved on March 16 by the York College Association for $ 54,109.76. These funds should cover the costs of student events spread over the Spring semester, including $47,306.78 for senior-related activities. 

To detail the organization aspect of SGA’s events, we talked to Rachael Walton, Interim Administrative Coordinator at the Office of Student Activities, which monitors most of SGA’s initiatives. Walton discussed past and upcoming events implemented “to accompany York College’s class 2023 along their final spring,” starting with Senior Ball 2023, the ultimate gathering event for graduating students before commencement. The planning includes a photo book, an art show and a banquet.

$28,000 is allocated to the organization for the Senior Ball on May 30 at Antun’s Catering Hall in Queens Village. 

Another request from the Student Government Association included $ 5,200 to finance a Senior-Networking-Brunch event. This event will take place on April 22. It will have a panel of six York College alumni to interact with graduating seniors about “life after college, giving advice on career and work life,” Walton explained. 

“This event is important,” she said. “Because graduating seniors need to know what the world of work sounds like, not just from anybody, but from York College alumni who went on the same journey as students now transitioning from college.” Walton, a York College alumnus herself, added that she is confident graduating seniors can learn a lot about alums’ paths to success and their endeavors to overcome challenges.  

To Walton, networking with those who now have businesses and those who have been succeeding in a professional field can only be beneficial to graduating students as it can give them access to helpful resources. The connection with the labor market is so crucial that Walton promised that the Senior Networking Brunch would become a regular event on campus. 

Senior-Sip and Paint occurred on March 31 at the Atrium. It was a successful event in which more than 40 people participated, according to Walton. For three hours, the instructor Tahina Marcette of Marcette Studios, assisted attendees through an initiation to painting. Senior-Sip and Paint “will serve as art therapy and wellness for seniors to relieve stress and celebrate student achievement,” said the Office of Student Activities representative. This event was funded by up to $3,500. 

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