Fall 2018 Club Fair As The Most Diverse, SGA Officials Say.

Photo credit: Adisa Sobers. 

By Rachel Dalloo

York College’s 2018 club fair was the most diverse club fair ever, according to members of the Student Government Association. 30 out of 34 active clubs participated in the event on Oct. 4 showcasing talents and recruiting new members.

SGA President Danielle James said even the food offered was more diverse since it catered to different food styles. James also said that the student turnout was better than expected and better than the previous events.

“Overall, the results would be to see how many people would join clubs, and who pays attention to the message,” James said. “From last year, we can get better. I want to see more activities and events. I want to see more collaborations between clubs as well.”

“I’m just speaking for myself when I say this but, a lot of students came out which is always a great thing to see,” said Shelby Samuel, 24, a Speech Communications major.

York’s SGA hosts a club fair every fall. James said she plans to provide more opportunities for students to take advantage of the resources that the school and SGA has to offer.

“There are so many opportunities here, you just have to know where to find them,” James said. “This year for giveaways, we are raffling meals at Aladdin. Students can go see a show and get a free meal. In one way, it helps the students and in a way, the money comes back to the school.”

Samuel, a resident of New Hyde Park, Long Island, is not affiliated with any clubs but he appreciated being present at the event. He was able to view the many clubs and their interests. He was particularly fascinated with YC Radio, York College’s radio station.

“I thought it was just about talking on the radio, but it’s much more than that,” Samuel said. “Basically, what caught my attention was just the speaking element of it.”

Nefratari Stennett, 23, a Movement Science major and resident of Springfield Gardens, Queens, said she appreciated the diversity of the students and the clubs. She said the variety of clubs motivates her to join a few of them. She named Jumpstart and Black Student Union as potential clubs she would like to join.

“There were clubs that had fit a wide range of people from those who are interested and professional clubs, such as the Occupational Therapy and Marketing clubs,” Stennett said. “Just clubs that are helping you prepare for future careers.”

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