PB Spotlight: Josiah Skeete

By Graciano Clause

Sometimes we don’t know what we have until it’s gone is a cliche often used, but cliches can be as good as gold. In this particular case it does not have to get to that point. Here at York recognizing the talents of others can often be difficult being the fact that we’re a commuter school with the lives of students staying in their own lane. Josiah Skeete, a 21-year-old Marketing major, is a hidden talent ready to ignite.

The Long Island rap artist “Skeeter St. Clair” from Hempstead is out to prove that his sound of music is for real. Varsity which is his latest single for his upcoming project, is a banger that fits the theme of the music we hear in rap today. The three minute song available on SoundCloud is an upbeat, high-octane chorus of his own special sound where he talks about coming to the forefront of his dreams. “Start of the season, by end of the season I’ll enter the brackets, yeah, throw on my varsity jacket,” he raps which is the hook throughout referencing his tireless efforts to make it to the top.

Skeete mentioned that a lot of his music overall is focused on being a college student, and putting true-to-life stories inside of music that is relatable to people with bounce to it.

“One of the things I really try to put emphasis on is Long Island because that where I’m from. I want to bring awareness where I’m from. I feel like New York Hip-Hop is always focused on the boroughs like Brooklyn or Queens, but you don’t hear much buzz about Long Island,” Skeete said.

The summer before Skeete’s 11th grade year of high school is where he ran with the skills he now possesses today. It sounds natural when he explains how it all happened. “I picked up a pen one day and found a random beat on Youtube where my friends and I recorded on a MacBook as we wrote,” Skeete said.

Bow wow, 50 Cent, and Eminem were his childhood inspirations. “I think I was always a skilled writer dating back to elementary where I would write poetry. Even till high school it was a hobby, until I started going to the studio making a hobby that started to a craft of mine that I now do,” he said.

Suburban Hip-Hop or motivational trap music is what Skeete calls his sound. The past works of music he put out prior to his upcoming project was soulful and conscious, but he felt couldn’t capture people based off the sound. This time around he feels he will receive a better reception with his new switch up. Being the Marketing major he is, Skeete is  promoting his music in a organic way whether by word of mouth, social media, or live performances.

“I’ve done tons of shows here at York College, the Play Lounge, BlackThorn 51, and even festivals in my hometown Hempstead,” Skeete said. Those are just some of the venues he named, there are plenty other places around the city where he showcases his talents.

With his latest song Varsity out and his upcoming project set to release within the next few months you can listen to his music on SoundCloud.com/Chillidiggz.

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