Q&A with the Nursing Program’s Director, Dr. Valerie Taylor-Haslip

Q: What would be the top five “No No’s” for students who are interested in applying?

A: F’s, D’s, C-. That’s a “no no.” Also, not getting academic advisement. If you feel like you would like to do nursing you need to come and see an advisor because many times students are misadvised. And the fifth would be, not really having the aptitude for it. If you don’t have the skill set for it, you’re not going to be successful. Also, not really wanting to do it. We’ve had students that we accepted into the program who found out that they didn’t really want to be a nurse. So, of course they didn’t do as well.

Q: Would you suggest having volunteer experience in a clinical setting prior to applying?

A: You really don’t have to have volunteer experience, but exposure. Get yourself exposed to what the field is really about because it’s a lot different than people think it is sometimes.

Q: Are students eligible to apply more than once?

A: Yes, twice.

Q: What are your suggestions for students that have been rejected from the nursing program at York?

A: Do not stop here. We take the top 25 students, that doesn’t mean that 26 through 27 aren’t qualified, it just means that we didn’t have space for them. Students shouldn’t be disappointed, they should continue. If it’s not here, there are other nursing schools  that they can go to—we usually suggest private schools because they take them right in, it’s not the same as CUNY, but they’re more expensive. They shouldn’t stop because we said no, they should continue if they want to. Conversely, if they were not accepted as a result of not meeting the criteria, they should rethink the profession they want to be in.

Q: What is the job outlook for students that are graduating from the program?

A: Currently, in New York City, graduates are having a difficult time finding jobs. Baccalaureate degree students are having a better chance because employers want to hire a Bachelors-prepared nurse. But, outside of New York the market is still good, so if you’re willing to move or go to upstate New York then you have a better chance.

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