SGA Offers Free Massages During Finals

Student Government has allocated money from Student Activity fees to offer free massages during Spring finals. (Shutterstock)
Student Government has allocated money from Student Activity fees to offer free massages during Spring finals. (Shutterstock)

Student Activities will use a moderate amount of money to present a relaxing alternative for students to relieve worries during spring semester’s finals week.
Student Activities is planning on using $1,580 to give students free massages to help them with their stress during finals week, called “Whoo-sa” massages. The idea was created by the director of Student Activities, Dr. Jean Phelps.

          “It was all about the students, it was always about the York College students” said Phelps, explaining her motivation behind the idea. “Who doesn’t like the idea of a free massage?”
The week of relaxation will include free facials and massages done by two masseuses, one male and one female, manicures and pedicures along with free refreshments for York College students.
“I think the students would appreciate that, they might go knowing that it will be held in a room where they’ll be pampered,” said Abraham Lopez, a Music and Philosophy major.
“I think it’s a good idea, it’ll relieve stress and everyone is feeling numb during finals week, I know from experience that I’ve spent hours studying for finals” said Naomi Solano, a Communications major.
This semester’s massage service for students isn’t the first time it’s been presented. According to Phelps, the idea originally came from the Women’s Center, and was then put into effect again by Student Government. The Student Activities Center decided to bring it back since it was so well received in the previous years by the student body.
“We started it many years ago in the Women’s Center called a ‘day of pampering,’ it was a way to enjoy yourself. This was an idea that evolved from something else ” said Phelps.
So far, most students haven’t shown any disagreement with the center offering free massages, despite this being something that is coming out of student’s pockets along with other school fees. Students believe that it will be a great way for them to calm their minds when final exams approach later on during the semester.
“It wouldn’t take much out of your day and it would relax you more,” said Lopez. “I think it would be a loss not to go.”

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