The Rise and Fall of the Game Room

By Sara Martinez

As CUNY campuses began preparing for a gradual return to primarily in-person instruction in the Fall of 2021, York’s administration discovered water damage in the game room. Water infiltrated through the ceiling, causing leakage, flooding and water damage. The game room has not been reopened since the initial lockdown in the spring semester of 2020. 

All the gaming consoles, such as the PS4s, electrical devices, classic board games and the billiards/pool table, were salvaged. The incident left the game room in poor condition.

 “Before we open up again, we have to redo the tile and make sure there is no mold,” said Anthony Andrews, the associate director of Student Leadership and Campus Programs. 

The interior of the game room still stores all of its furniture and equipment, but the space is tainted by water damage. Garbage bins and basins are kept in the room under the holes in the ceiling to prevent further water damage. In addition, the floor, ceiling tiles and walls need to be redone. 

Andrews said he sent a work order to the Building and Grounds Department to begin the renovation process. Remodeling the room will take into consideration protecting electrical devices and preventing outlet damage if another accident arises. 

“It relieves stress a lot of times, it’s good to interact and bond with other students, it’s really a good part of being at York,” said Demar Genias, a senior Physical Education major at York College. Genias said they had positive experiences using the laboratory and that it was unique because it helped students socialize while on campus. 

Students believe having a recreational space on campus is necessary, especially since there is 75 percent in-person student campus capacity.

 Andrews first proposed the idea of a game room to provide an area with various resources so students can come and relax. The referendum for the game room was passed in the Spring of 2010 and officially opened during the 2010-2011 academic year. Since then, the game room has been a great addition to campus life, according to students. 

“I found out about the game room by accident! It’s in a hidden part, but the game room actually ended up to be one of my favorite parts at York College,” said Ravindra Shivcharran, a Physical Education major. 

“What I found the most interesting was the pool table,” continued Shivcharran. “I feel like everyone would be gathered around the pool table to just compete. It was fun.” 

The game room is tucked away in the Academic Core building lower level in room 1F20. There are plans for restoring the abandoned room and for it to become the epicenter of socialization at York College. The game room is estimated to open within the 2023-2024 academic year. 

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  • October 16, 2022 at 9:57 pm

    Glad to see that the renovations will be taking place and bringing back what is most needed after two years of quarantine, socialization.


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