By Pamela Rider 

Agreements, meeting of the mind, verbal and written contracts. What does this really mean? Many of my fellow scholars and I have been discombobulated about “what’s going on?” Or better yet, the lack of full disclosure. We are sent numerous emails from our president pertaining to many criteria. Unfortunately, having the luxury to correspond with her is very difficult and many times out of the question. 

Understandably President Eanes has a staff that has the responsibility of assisting and attending to many questions; however, direct communication also plays a vital role and is welcomed by our president. Issues such as the reconstruction of the campus, grant monies, and “graduate need to know questions” are wished to be addressed and answered. Elaboration is a key and crucial element that is in need of administration. 

It is taking years to reconstruct such a small campus as York College. As a logical thinker, isn’t it smarter to hire a larger crew to expedite the project versus longer hours which can consist of months and years, not to mention the high cost of it all? Recognizably, there is a skeleton crew on campus just puttering around, lurking, and doing minimal work. The noise of banging and hammering of construction workers during class sessions should be prohibited. 

“I can’t believe that they’re doing construction right over our heads. We can’t even hear the professor,” said Ingrid Hamilton, a political science major. “This is really an injustice. I wish I knew exactly where they were so that I could ask them to stop. ” 

On a different note, an email was distributed to faculty and students pertaining to a $7.5 million dollar transformational gift from the New York City Football Club for the benefit of York College. It does not state where these monies will be allocated or its use. It is an unrestricted gift which gives the Foundation and York College to use at their discretion. Childcare, transportation, access to technology, food insecurities and mental health issues are being placed into consideration; however, there has been nothing established that is concrete for the allocation of these funds. 

“I couldn’t believe the email that I received about York getting a million-dollar grant,” Michelle Hampton said. “I wonder what the money will be used for?” 

These are major concerns that need to be addressed and answered.

Last but not least, many upcoming graduates do not understand why there isn’t full disclosure surrounding their graduation date, place of commencement, or the purchase of caps and gowns. 

An expected winter 2022 graduate Michelle Williams said, “ They have only sent notifications about Cap and Gown pictures being taken between the 6th and the 10th of December. Don’t you think that we should have our own cap and gown for photos?” Williams added, “Using used caps and gowns is very unsanitary, especially in today’s climate.” 

Many students are struggling financially to make ends meet and need to strategize and plan for their expenses. They are feeling bamboozled and slighted. After putting in the necessary work to fulfill their requirements for graduation, shouldn’t there be transparency and a clear-cut point plan between staff, facility and scholars? It only makes sense that this would make for a smoother transition. 

How are the means justified in these common questions? There needs to be a better communication policy for all involved! Scholars should not be left in suspense pertaining to their future before, during, or after being a family member of a university. No one should be made to feel like they are less-than or unimportant. Our issues are viable and of the utmost importance!

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