York College Gets a Technology Upgrade for the Spring Semester

Image Credit: barek2marcin for Pixabay

By Marc Torres

York College is in the process of updating computer software and equipment all throughout the campus, in an effort to bring computer standards up and modernize York’s technology.

According to a York IT notice, Windows 10 upgrades are occurring this month in the library. Computers in the Classroom building, SEEK lab, and Student Government lab, have already been upgraded to the newest version of Windows.

“We have begun an undertaking to upgrade the entire campus from Windows 7 and Office 2010, to Windows 10, Office 2016,” said Peter Tighe, chief information officer of information technology. “The first step was to focus on the high traffic student spaces, which was the library, the student government lab, the classroom building lab, and the seek lab.”

There were about two hundred computers that needed upgrading in these high traffic areas. Other computers however, needed to be replaced completely.

“About forty-five machines in the library were below standard for the new software,” said Tighe. “We arranged to acquire new devices to replace those, and they were delivered and installed.”

The money for these upgrades and replacements came from Student Tech Fees which are paid by students every semester.

“The remaining equipment which are Dell 9020 devices, were of adequate vintage that they could support the software,” said Tighe. “We upgraded the memory in the equipment retained.”

More computers will be upgraded or replaced in the future, since there is still much work to be done for the faculty and administrative computers.

“We are planning a project, to work from January to somewhere into the spring, upgrading all the faculty machines and all of the administrative machines,” said Tighe.

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