York Organizes a Variety of Events to Welcome Back Students

By Niko Balkaran

The Fall ’22 Club Fair at in the atrium at York College. “Students are back, they’re here and this is what they want,” said Sheila Beverly-Skinner of Student Activities. | Photo by Niko Balkaran

York College started off the fall 22 semester with several events. From Convocation to a blood drive and the club fair, new and returning students got a slice of extracurricular activities. 

The goal was to announce to the York admin that students were interested in expanding their college experience beyond studying.

“They want to be involved, they want to be a part, and we have to do everything that we can to make sure we make it welcoming for them to be here,” Beverly-Skinner continued.

The club fair had a packed turnout of clubs and students. Alpha Phi Alpha, the first African American fraternity, was present. Thurgood Marshall of the same named program was also a member of the fraternity. Alpha Phi Alpha participates in community services and the fraternity is open to men of all races, according to Marcel John Desroches, a founding member of the Haiti chapter.

Newly formed clubs such as Movement Science were also there.

One of the goals of this club is “promote the science of health,” and that movement science is “more than gyms and being a personal trainer,” according to John Venturina, a member of the Movement Science club.

Throughout September, the Center for Students with Disabilities had an interactive gallery exhibition called ‘My Strength and My Goals. One York!” Students were told to express themselves with their gestures as everyone is different, said Dr. Truett Vaigneur of the center.

At a micro level, “it shows that they [students] have strengths, they have goals, and it normalizes what we do here at York and within CUNY,” Dr. Vaigneur continued. “It shows that we at York appreciate inclusion because we’re including everyone and diversity. Because we’re all different and have varied abilities.” 

The Gallery in CSD | Photo by Niko Balkaran

There are a number of events planned for the remaining of the semester. In October, these include a breast cancer walk and student community resource fair organized by the Women’s Center and a Halloween party hosted by the Office of Veteran Affairs.  

“Students are back, they’re here, and this is what they want,” said Sheila Beverly-Skinner of Student Activities.

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