Miami Tip “Drills” into the Rap Game

Miami Tip, formerly known as "Tip Drill" gets ready to hit the stage and perform her new single, "Lowkey" Featuring Rap Star Fetty Wap. Photo By Valerie Victor
Miami Tip, formerly known as “Tip Drill” gets ready to hit the stage and perform her new single, “Lowkey” Featuring Rap Star Fetty Wap. Photo By Valerie Victor

By Valerie Victor


Miami Tip, formerly known as the exotic dancer, “Tip Drill” is putting her all into a rap career and leaving KOD in the past. Her new single, “Lowkey” featuring rap sensation Fetty Wap has been buzzing around Miami and a number of other locations. While the young rapstress  now pursues music, she is no newcomer to the entertainment industry. Tip has had a number of collaborations in the past including Gunplay, Ace Hood, and Trina. Most recently, she performed alongside Rap star Trina in Labelle, FL. Tip is currently working on the release of her EP, “The Transition” and is taking a break from the road to focus on making great music.




Question: What is it like transitioning from dancing to now being a rapper?


Miami Tip: The transition is definitely a battle! It has its pro’s and its con’s to it. The pro is that everyone respects me and my brand so they are at least willing to give me a chance, however the con is that they don’t know whether to take me serious or not because of the many artists who came before me and didn’t complete the mission. I just use it as motivation to work harder and stay consistent so that they can see my intentions are to win in the music industry.


Question: What was the thing that made you say you want to be a rapper? Explain the moment you decided you were just going for it, about what you were feeling, and thinking.


Miami Tip: I had a near death experience and I took it as a blessing in disguise. I took it as my time to change my outlook on life and really figure out what I want to do and what’s my purpose here. I just felt like I’ve been through so much, and survived so much, that I want to share my story with other women who are going through or have went through the same things. Music has always been in me, it just took for me to go through something tragic to really focus on it.
Question: What was it like performing for the first time as a rapper? What song did you perform?  


Miami Tip: My first time performing was definitely nerve wrecking. I’m nervous every time before I hit the stage up to this day. It’s not until I hit the stage that all my butterflies go away. The first time I performed, I performed a freestyle of mine and an old record called “Yeah Hoe.”


Question:  For your new single “Lowkey” what was it like collaborating with Fetty Wap? Where did the idea for the sing come from?


Miami Tip: Collaborating with Fetty was a cool humbling experience. He was real cool and he loved the record before we even went in the studio to record. I had shopped the record around and situations came up where the first choice couldn’t do it and a mutual friend of mine and Fetty’s suggested him and I thought the idea was perfect, so we made it happen.
Question: Who are some other artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?


Miami Tip: I would love to collaborate with pretty much everyone. I love music, I respect the grind, and I look up to the people who made it, so I would work with anyone willing to work with me.


Question:  What is your main goal and focus in rapping and making music? What would you like to achieve and accomplish for yourself?


Miami Tip: My main goal is to just show women that regardless of where you come from and what you are expected to be, things can change and you can change situations around and make them work for you. You can do it all on your own, regardless of the obstacles. My goal is to be an inspiration to women period.
Questions:  If you could say something or give a message to your fans and your supporters what would you say? 


Miami Tip: Never give up on your dreams.
Question: Why should people listen to your music and what is it that you feel you bring to the table?


Miami Tip: People should listen to my music because it’s real I don’t rap or sing about nothing I haven’t witnessed with my own eyes or went through myself. A lot of people can relate to what I’ve been through, and I don’t fabricate or exaggerate anything.
Question: What projects or tours do you have lined up for this year 2016?


Miami Tip: Well I have my videos for my single dropping and soon after and there’s no official date but I’m dropping my EP “The Transition.” As far as tours, i’m kind of taking a break from that in order to focus on making more music and pushing my single “Lowkey” harder.
Question: Where can people listen to your music?


Miami Tip: People can listen to my music on YouTube by just typing  TIPDRILLmusic or Miami Tip. I’m also on Soundcloud at TIPDRILLmedia or TIPDRILLmusic.
Question:  Is there anything you want people to know that you feel like I haven’t covered or asked you that you feel should be included in the article?


Miami Tip: 2016 is my year, the year of the under dogs!


Photo by Valerie Victor
Photo by Valerie Victor
Photo By Valerie Victor
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