Black Friday

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It’s almost that time of year again! No not Thanksgiving, Black Friday. Shoppers will gear up to head out to overcrowded stores and wait in massive lines in hopes to find the perfect deal. The tradition of Black Friday started in the 1980’s and is something that many live by as start to their holiday shopping.

Americans spent $12.29 billion on Thanksgiving and Black Friday last year, a small decrease from the $12.35 billion spent the previous year according to CNN Money.

The tradition of Black Friday is beginning to slightly change. Many stores now open on Thanksgiving evening instead of early Friday morning. CNN Money informs that there has been a 24 percent increase in Thanksgiving Day shopping. A lot of backlash came from stores opening on Thanksgiving Day. The family tradition of Thanksgiving dinner is starting to become overshadowed by shopping.

Angelica Danks, sophomore, York College social work major, does not shop on Black Friday. “I wait until the craziness ends. It’s disturbing that the sales start on Thanksgiving Day,” says Danks.

There are some stores leading stores that refuse to open on Thanksgiving Day such as Nordstrom and Gamestop. This allows employees and consumers to spend the holiday with their families.

Corinne McFarlane, Queens College student and Nordstrom employee, is happy to have the day off from work to spend with her family. “It’s not like shoppers wont still have the whole weekend to get deals,” says McFarlane.

According to we can expect to see big deals from stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy in terms of electronics. For clothes, American Eagle and Old Navy are offering 50 percent off the entire store. Macy’s will also have some huge blowout deals. All of which will start Thanksgiving evening.

“I like H&M and Forever 21. The crowds are annoying so I usually go later in the day on Friday when the huge crowds are gone. Even though you’re less likely to find stuff I still get some good deals,” says Winnie Yan, Junior, York College psychology major.

The crowds that Black Friday deals cause can create a dangerous environment for shoppers. According to there has been 7 deaths and 98 injuries since 2006. Security and police presence, in more recent years, has helped to get injury numbers down. Last year there were 5 injured.

Yessica Robles, senior, York College English major, says she can see the appeal of Black Friday Shopping but doesn’t go out because of fear of being injured.

There are ways to avoid the crowds such as shopping on online. Great deals are offered throughout the weekend and as well on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Shoppers can hit the stores later in the day when much of the crowds have dispersed, although you may miss out on some of those doorbuster deals. Many stores also give shoppers the option to preorder items and simply pick them up from the store.

York College, Bio Chemistry major, Ananto Sarker preordered his laptop from Bestbuy. “I saved $50 for preordering and picking it up, and it allows me to go later in the day when it’s less crowded.”

However some people can’t get enough of the thrill that comes along with Black Friday. “The crowds don’t intimidate me, it’s kind of fun actually,” says Stephanie Gobind, Sophomore, York College Pharmaceutical Science major.

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