First Time Voter Reflects on 2018 Midterm Elections

The Capitol which houses the United States Congress. Photo Credit: Martin Falbisoner for Wikimedia Commons

By Autumn Matthews

It has been over a month since the midterm elections. I remember that I was very excited when the elections came around.  

I had registered to vote a couple of months prior because I could not come to agree with the actions of President Donald Trump and Congress as well.

When Nov. 6 came, I made sure that I went out and voted because I knew the importance of voting. Choosing to vote means making a difference, engaging and trying to make the nation a better place.

I remember for that whole entire week of the midterm elections, I watched the news every single day and read multiple different articles about the elections. Even in my political science class, we spent half an hour discussing the elections – our results predictions for the House of Representatives and Senate.

My prediction was that the Democrats would win back many seats in the House to become the majority making Republicans the minority party. I also kind of predicted that the Republican party is going to retain its majority status in the Senate.  

Another thing that I predicted about the midterm elections was the wave of women getting elected into Congress because a lot of women had decided to run since the #MeToo movement began.

I was really ecstatic that my predictions were right when the results came pouring in.

I believe that since the House is no longer going to be controlled by the Republican party, it means it would be more difficult for Trump to get his wishes done.

Overall, the midterm elections was a successful turn out because all predictions made came true and the percentage of voters increased compared to previous midterm elections.

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