Who’s in Danger Of Losing Their Seats in the House?

By Michael Knight


With the Midterms elections approaching, talk about who will take over the House of Representatives is flooding the nation. Voters question the ability of the current members based on the current state of our United States government.
 An article from Newsday states, certain Republicans are unqualified to hold certain positions in office. President Trump has made arrangements to fire Republicans that he didn’t feel were fulfilling the job’s needs. An article from The Metro states the names and positions of Republican friends Trump has given big jobs to while being the president. Independent voters are questioning Trumps decision to select these people for these jobs because of Trump’s promise during the campaign that he would hire “the best people” but only hiring republican friends to make him and make them look good. An article from The Guardian states, how Republicans today are letting Trump get away with a lot of nonsense that a president shouldn’t be doing, leaving you wondering if there were Democrats in these chairs would they allow this to continue?

Anthony Andrews of Student Activities at York College says he sees the midterms as a chance to the House to shift to blue, “The midterm elections give the opportunity for Democrats to get back the seats in their hands,” Andrews said. He also believes the Republicans today play into the hand of Trump and “turn the other cheek” to his crude actions. Andrews concluded by saying, “Republicans are following the direction of Trump and it is heading to a disaster.”

Age is a big factor in determining who will remain in the House. A Fox News article reports many Republicans understand the possibility of losing seats because of candidates eligible for retirement. Some members of the Republican Party even have a criminal history some more recent than others. These Republican’s poor performance in an administration ripe with scandal has people questioning if the Republicans should continue to have a seat in office.
One Canarsie resident sees the midterms in her own way. Helena Clarke says, “The Republicans are like little children and the president is a little baby.” Clarke says she feels very good about the upcoming election because she feels that all the republicans are going to lose their seats in the midterm elections while the Democrats will take back the House of Representatives. Clarke feels that the Democrats will finally bring some order to what’s going on in this country. Clarke also believes that the Republican deserves to lose their seats because they have let the president get away with saying anything he wants. They refuse to hold him accountable for his actions and they are letting the people down that they were elected to serve.
Canarsie resident and Board of Education employee Philip Harrison says, “the entire Republican Party needs to be cleaned out and replace with people that will get the job done.”  Harrison feels that the midterm election will be great for the Democrats and bad for the Republicans. The midterm elections are the best opportunity to get the right people in to get the job done. Harrison doesn’t feel the Republicans should get back their seats because instead of doing their jobs properly they are influencing the president behavior and not standing up and letting him know he shouldn’t do this or that. Harrison believes in the upcoming midterm election that the Democrats will be in a better situation than the Republicans to get the chairs. Harrison views reflect the hearts of minds of the nation constituents as we prepare for a potential blue wave this midterm election.
Overall many want to see a change to determine if there will be a better outcome of production of seats from Republicans to Democrats. They want to see if there is a change of seats would we see the right people in the office and will those people also step up to Trump.
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