Different Season, Same Woes: Student Athletes at York Discuss Another Lost Opportunity to Compete

By Kiara Gonzalez

CUNYAC announced the cancellation of Spring sports on February 17 and York College athletes have grabbed the opportunity to voice their sentiment about another lost opportunity due to COVID-19. 

On Mar. 26, a virtual event held by Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as part of York’s Student Athlete Education Series, “The Loss of College Sports and Its Impact on Me” gave participating student-athletes a platform to lay out and recognize their feelings about the cancellation of sports, the reality of these feelings and realizing that they are not alone. Diana Redman, a mental wellness coach and York alumni, was a guest speaker at the event.

 “There has been a huge tick in depression and anxiety and hopelessness, just helplessness,” said Redman who dedicates herself to helping athletes of all ages and finding who they are outside of athletics. “I had all these goals set for 2021 and now they’re just an afterthought.”

Several student-athletes who are involved in different sports at York College gave their thoughts and shared their reactions to the announcement of the cancellation of the Spring season, after already losing a season of Fall 2020 and half of Spring 2020.  

“I wasn’t surprised because the virus is still at large and the vaccine process is still ongoing so I wasn’t shocked at all,” said swim and volleyball team member, 28 year-old Anthony Nazario Jr., when asked to give his reaction about the cancellation of spring sports.

Some student-athletes say they no longer occupy their time with regular practice and games and have filled their time for athletics with other activities. 

“The time used to play sports is now occupied with fieldwork, online classes and working,” said 22 year-old Diamond Jackson, a member of the basketball and soccer team. “I have no time for anything else.” 

Some student-athletes like 21 year-old softball player Veena Karupen, occupy their time differently with other portions of life now that they are given the chance. 

“I’m now really into fitness, so I’ve been really working out six to seven times a week,” said Karupen. 

The future of sports is questioned by fellow student-athletes, Fall sports 2021 is pending on whether or not there will be a season.

“I think 2021 Fall sports should resume due to the fact that we can keep everyone safe by having them get tested every time,” said 23 year-old Cardinals’ basketball player Dayana Jacome.

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