York Can’t Run Laps

Animated Gif by Valerie Victor. Photo Cred: York College Website
Animated Gif by Valerie Victor. Photo Cred: York College Website

By Chris Kumar Singh

The NCAA Division III Membership Committee placed four of York’s athletic programs on probation for failure to meet the minimum sports-sponsorship requirements. York did not satisfy the minimum requirement of six men’s intercollegiate sports because the college failed to meet the minimum sports-sponsorship requirements for the academic year.

The Men’s cross country, Swimming, Diving, Outdoor Track and Field teams are the teams under probation for failure to meet NCAA requirements. The probation was issued after York self reported the swimming team not having the required amount of meets during the season.

“We have no issues self reporting or fixing an issue” said Ronald St.John, the Athletic director. When asked about the Men’s cross country and the Outdoor Track team he wanted to make it clear that the programs are not suspended.

“We are not suspended, the programs are on probation but all the teams are allowed to practice and play normally,” St.John said.

The programs are under probation for confusion, not for deliberately disobeying any rules or regulations. Every college is required to have five indoor and six outdoor meets. York had six indoor and and five outdoor meets instead. They had the regulated amount of 11 meets, but due to the technicalities they were issued the proper discipline .

“They realized this after we had reported the issue with the swimming team. Even though we had the regulated amount, they still needed to place the programs under probation and we understand,” said St John.

York has already addressed the issues to assure they never find themselves in this position again. The college will focus on the development of both teams, men and women.

Each of the teams mentioned have upcoming events and are not allowing these penalties to affect their performance. The coaches seemed extremely focused and when each of them were asked about the issues they declined to comment.

While meeting the minimum six required female sports, York College also failed to properly sponsor Women’s Track and Outdoor Field during the 2014-15 academic year.  

As a result of the probation, York is required to complete the NCAA Division III Athletics Program Assessment and submit it to the Membership Committee by May 15, 2016. The model Division III athletics program document is an educational supplement and provides guidance and assistance to the institution.

As a part of the probation, York will be placed in a five-year penalty period (i.e., September 1, 2015, to August 31, 2020). Should York again trigger a membership-requirement violation within the five-year penalty period the institution will be placed in restricted membership.

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