Three at York Gets Prestigious New York Assembly Internships

Three York Students up in Albany, from left to right: Shaquille Profitt, Destiny Scott and Khadijah Myers-Nell

Photo Courtesy: Shaquille Profitt

By Rachel Dalloo

Three York Students landed prestigious spring internships at the New York State Assembly for the Spring 2020 semester. The three students are among 25 students in the state assembly internship program. The  three from York are Khadijah Myers-Nell, Shaquille Profitt, and Destiny Scott.

The New York State Assembly Internship is an extensive academic program that is offered to junior and senior college students for a duration of four months. Students who are accepted get the opportunity to work, learn, and connect with about 150 other students from across the state as well as a stipend, estimated to be around $6,600. 

For this semester, the internship will be from Jan. 6 to May 13. Due to its comprehensive nature, students will be awarded 15 college credits for time lost at school.

“So far this internship has been interesting,” said Myers-Nell, 26, a Psychology major. “What is  most interesting about it is being on the other side of things. Like normally as a student you have to go to a certain office to get things done, but in this internship, people, particularly those within the district of the Assemblymember I work for, come to me for help.”

The internship is offered to students in any major of study. It is offered to students all year round every Spring and Fall semester. 

“This internship helps me build my resume and network with the people I’m working with,” said Scott, 19, major undeclared. “This is a good opportunity for students at York to take. Students should be on the lookout for internships like this one. It’s good to step off campus and gain some experience, especially for seniors.”

Students who have received their Associate’s degree are also encouraged to apply for the internship. The NYS Assembly also offers this internship to graduate students as well.

“If you are interested in the way government works, this opportunity can help you find great jobs in the future,” said Robin Harper, Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law advisor at York. “This internship will help students to get a better understanding of local and the national play of politics. It’s a great opportunity to meet people who are in government, and it helps to give great perspective.”

Students participating in the Assembly and Senate programs take part in performing work such as researching state legislation, assisting in drafting bills and assisting with service.

For the summer, CUNY is offering an intensive eight-week internship experience. This experience will give students the opportunity to be a part of the national political system in Washington, DC. Housing will be provided for all participants in Washington. Students who are selected to be part of the internship will also receive a $2,000 stipend. Placements will be focused on Capitol Hill, primarily, with a small number of assignments in federal agency offices, working on policy research and advocacy.

“I think more and more students at York College should participate in internships—there are so many!” said Shaquille Profitt, a sophomore English major. “Not only are internships paramount to one’s success, but internships also provide for a grounded learning experience of what the real-world looks like. Internships are transformational and transcendent and allow people to look at the world differently.

“It wages new perspectives and opens people’s minds to building connections with people, it’s wonderful to have a hands-on learning experience, especially at the collegiate level because internship programs are a pipeline of future employers.” 

Students who are interested in getting internships through CUNY can find more information on the University’s website. Some of the internships offered through CUNY include the New York City Internship Program, the Caucus CUNY Scholars Program, the CUNY Women’s Public Service Internship Program, the New York State Legislative Internships in Albany, and the CUNY Washington, D.C. Internship Program.

Students can also send an email to Professor Harper at Her office is located in room AC-4D06.

“Apply, apply, apply! Take a chance with your life, you never know,” said Harper. “Do not put up barriers, opportunities like these can help change.”

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