Women’s Basketball Loses to Staten Island, End to Season

Shauncia McClendon is one of York College's star female basketball players. Female Cardinals had a disappointing season and are hoping for a better future. (John Scarinci)
Shauncia McClendon is one of York College’s star female basketball players. Female Cardinals had a disappointing season and are hoping for a better future. (John Scarinci)

         The York College Women’s Basketball season came to a screeching end in the CUNYAC quarterfinals against College of Staten Island. The York Women’s Basketball team lost to College of Staten Island 48-98.
         College of Staten Island dominated in the first half of the game shooting 48 percent from the three point line and forced York to shoot 23 percent. In the first half College of Staten Island led by 37 and by the second half, they led by 53, york athletics website said.
         Although York lost terribly, they did have remarkable highlights in the game. Nia Rene had one of her best games scoring 15 points and five steals. Shauncia McClendon had a double- double, with 16 points and 11 boards. Another key player in the game was Stayce Kay Muirhead with seven points and 13 rebounds.
         The team struggled throughout this season with a record of 3 wins and 23 losses. They have much work to do in the offseason. Lack of communication and team support were one of the many factors leading to this disappointing season.
         Center Danielle Dunn wasn’t too proud of her team outcome and was disappointed on ending her last season with a low record.
         “We lost so many games because we weren’t playing well as a team, we could never all show up on the same day and we had not one person who was constituent with scoring,” said Dunn.
         She also will not be playing basketball any longer. She loves the sport but it isn’t a passion for her to follow. Along with Dunn, three other members of the York College Women’s Basketball team will be leaving due to the student statuses.
         As for the rest of the team, the players are young and still have time to rebuild and work harder to become a better team. Sophomore and Guard/Forward Asia McKenzie injured her left knee in the last home game tearing her ACL. She had reconstruction surgery to make her knee stronger for the next season. Even though she’s going through this, she isn’t letting that affect her emotions or hope to be a better player for next season.
         “Personally, I’m just trying to get myself into better basketball shape for next season.
         I’m going to have ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee to get my knee strength back to normal so I can play better,” said McKenzie.
         Before the season started Coach Winnifred Brown told the Director of Sports Information
         John Scarinci that she was expecting this team to make the top four team in the CUNY Athletic Conference. Prior to this season, the Women’s Basketball team fell at the bottom and this season sadly was the same outcome.
         “Our coaching staff is one of the best in CUNY because of their knowledge of the game and how long they’ve played and have been successful. They can’t take all the blame for our disappointing season,” said McKenzie.
         The York College Women’s Basketball team not only have a lot of work to do on the court during their summer pre-season warm up, but as a team they all need to learn how to communicate better. the Cardinals also have a major issue on trying to build team chemistry.
         Like any team that failed to perform up to their standards, the team is hoping for a better season next year.

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