Apple Throws its Hat in the Streaming Ring

Apple Logo. via Flickr. Photo Credit: Andrew

By Autumn Matthews

Just as apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Disney are coming up with their own streaming services, so is Apple. 

Apple is set to launch its own new streaming service on Nov. 1  in over 100 countries. It will be available for anyone with Apple products and on smart TV’s from Samsung.

If you purchase a new Apple product like the newest iPhone 11 or any other new Apple product, you will be qualified to use the Apple TV Plus app for free for one year. If you did not purchase a new Apple device you will have to pay $5 a month to use Apple’s streaming services. Like Netflix, there are no ads but when a new series premieres, Apple will not release all episodes at once.

When Apple’s new show Truth Be Told a mystery drama that stars Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul premiers on Dec. 6 on Apple Tv Plus they will only release the first three episodes and not the full series.The remaining episodes will be available weekly. 

Using Apple Tv Plus promises to be easy for Apple users because they would not be so stressed out about paying another bill. Paying $5 a month is pretty cheap and if you buy a new Apple device you would not have to worry about paying for one year, how amazing is that? 

I think that Apple is going to have more loyal customers and that this streaming services of Apple Plus Tv is going to be very successful.

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