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Why Vintage Fashion is the New Modern Fashion

Vintage Modern Fashion. via Flickr. Photo Credit: South Australia’s History Festival

By Aleah Cole

   Shoppers are gaining inspiration vintage fashion and are moving away from fast-fashion because of its timeliness and its affordability. 

     Fashionistas from around the instagram-world have been wearing oversized blazers, mini skirts, croissant-shaped earrings, pearls, gold rings, loafers, baggy/tight pants and the rest goes on – they are going back to the 80s and the 90s.

    It has been an ongoing trend in recent years and but it is not easy to pick and choose in stores, especially thrift stores. Surging through clothing racks to find the “right” vintage piece does have its disadvantages due to its scarcity. 

    That is when inspiration and DIY’s come into place. Having your own style is always suitable because you will realize that vintage pieces can be adaptable to the latest trends, and that they are classic.

     Vintage fashion is a design style that makes use of old items with history that are not seen as something people would wear nowadays which ties into its rarity. Mixing the old with the new redevelops authentic styles. Plus, sustainability and durability are, in fact, beneficial because it will not wear out after wearing it a couple of times.

     People have been wearing vintage outfits because of three reasons: it is inexpensive, timeless and stylish. 

     There are no good designers as there was 10 to 20 years ago. People are buying vintage designer pieces like luxury labels Versace and Maison Marigiela; since they have the money and can be stylish at the same time.

     Sometimes people confuse vintage fashion with modern fashion because it is too trendy and most fast fashion retailers are producing them as we speak which is a no-no for vintage fashion lovers – one stop to the trash. The point is that vintage-modern fashion is derived from inspiration and reusing old pieces. 

     Sometimes, exploring 80’s & 90’s fashion can be a hassle. Doing background research, styling and finding it for a cheap price does not happen overnight after gaining inspiration. Yearning for vintage fashion means you are meeting the high expectations in the 21st century or you probably just do not like fast trends. 

    Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms to seek inspiration for vintage fashion, especially Parisian fashion which is favored by women. You can find vintage fashion at local thrift stores such as Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, and The Salvation Army.

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