As the Pandemic Rages on, Thanksgiving Seems to Be a Bit More Thankful This Year

By Shanaé Harte

Photo Courtesy: Angela Kanner via flickr

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States. Once the Halloween season has dissipated, all commercials, stores, and conversations are littered with everything related to Thanksgiving, and often Christmas. And that time has come around once again!

The holiday that celebrates the Pilgrims’ meal with Native Americans in 1621 is usually celebrated with close friends and family with an assortment of foods- which includes the infamous turkey. The ‘close-knit’ nature of this holiday causes the Thanksgiving weekend to be one of the busiest travel weekends in the U.S. but that is subject to change this year.

Due to the rising cases of COVID-19, Thanksgiving cannot, or rather, should not be the same this year. The Centers for Disease Control Protection (CDC) has asked families to limit their holiday traditions which include large gatherings and traveling. If persons decide not to heed the warning of the CDC, it is advised that gatherings be held outdoors, guests socially distance, and masks should be worn, except while eating and drinking. If gatherings will be held indoors, the CDC advises that windows be kept open to increase ventilation.

Whenever Thanksgiving comes around, we are reminded about the many blessings in our lives, and this year, it may be hard to focus on those blessings. For many, 2020 has brought heartbreak, loss of jobs, and depression but, amidst all of these travesties, there are many that are still thankful. 

Among the thankful are three York College students who chose to share their feelings about Thanksgiving and what they are thankful for:

Sapphire Scott:

“I love Thanksgiving because of the food- it brings so much happiness and laughter. I like to celebrate with my family at my grandfather’s house. The holiday will be a little different this year with Coronavirus still active. But, I am still thankful for not losing any of my family to Covid. I’m thankful we have a new president and I’m thankful to still be encouraged to finish school strong.”

Baltazara Lora, Senior, Psychology Major:

“[My family] would usually get together at my parents’ house and we would cook and spend time together. Usually, I get very excited about this holiday but this year, I think it’s a little sad as I think of all the families that are suffering from the loss of their loved ones during the pandemic. This year I am especially thankful because my family has no loss due to Covid-19. I am [also] thankful for having food on my table and being able to provide for my kids during this difficult time.”

Deniece Hernandez, Senior, Human Resource Major:

“While my favorite holiday would have to be Christmas, I do tend to always be a little excited for Thanksgiving as well because now that all my siblings and I are now older and have jobs, wives (my brothers), a kid, and generally their own life stuff to deal with. We don’t tend to see each other a lot during the year where we sit down and talk /physically see each other, so holidays are when we get to usually do that. This Thanksgiving holiday will be different this year because it will be with fewer people. Even though 2020 has been nuts, I’m thankful for the fact that I am okay, and all of my family members, thus far, have not gotten sick with this Coronavirus.”

Many of us may not be able to be thankful for the same things that these Cardinals are, but on this Thanksgiving holiday, even if it is for a short moment, let us all be thankful for the little, or plenty, that we may have. 

Happy Thanksgiving Cardinals! Ensure to be safe this season!

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