Coming 2 America Movie Review

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By Emiree Campbell

“Coming 2 America” is a movie that purports nothing but pure black excellence. 

This 2021 American comedy film directed by Craig Brewer is the sequel to the 1988 film “Coming to America”. It is. It stars Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Kiki Layne, Shari Headley, Teyana Taylor, Wesley Snipes, and James Earl Jones. 

This film was supposed to originally be shown in theaters and produced by Paramount Pictures, however due to the pandemic the distribution rights were sold to Amazon studios and was digitally released March 4, 2021. 

The prequel movie, “Coming to America”, was about a young prince named Akeem, who grows tired of his extremely pampered life, frustrated with his arranged wife. He travels to Queens, NY to find a more suitable wife. However his journey is not easy, he overcomes a lot of challenges and in the end marries the girl of his dreams, Lisa McDowell played by Shari Headley. 

This movie was a huge success. According to IMDB, it received a nomination from Kids Choice Awards USA,  two oscars nomination, five wins from various organizations such as : American Comedy Awards, USA, BMI Film & TV awards, Golden Screen, Germany,  and two total Image Awards (NAACP) in the years 1988 and 1990. 

So the making of the sequel was a major deal. In “Coming 2 America” our Prince is all grown up. On his 30th anniversary with Lisa McDowell he gets the news of his father’s faith. King Jaffe Joffer is dying and this is not the shocking part. We soon learn that Prince Akeem has a son who was conceived during his first weeks in Queens. This news changed everything entirely. 

Akeem is now forced to travel back to Queens to retrieve his only son. If he fails in doing so, Zamunda is at risk of being taken. Akeem’s son is named Lavelle Junson and he is played by Jermaine Fowler. Lavelle struggles to get a real job and one day he gets an offer that is literally irrefusable. 

This movie is so powerful, not only because of its all black cast but it shows African Americans in such a positive light. Akeem’s son wasn’t lost to street violence or partaking in any illegal activities while living in Queens. He was respectable and well mannered.

 Lisa McDowell when introduced to Lavelle’s mother, Mary, wasn’t in the least bit rude or nasty towards her. She welcomed and embraced her as a part of the family showing that black women are not problematic and can empower each other.

Akeem’s daughters are a great representation of intelligent and strong, young black women. Prince Akeem and General Izzi were able to put their differences aside and choose what was best for their country in the end, showing some sort of unity.

I strongly urge all that have not seen this movie to go watch it. This is one of those movies where you can learn something when you look deeper. Although it is a comedy there’s a greater meaning under it all. I would rate this movie a well worthy 10 out of 10.

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