President Eanes Responds to Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

Photo Credit | The President’s Office

Justice was served yesterday for George Floyd, his family and the community has a new found hope in a falling justice system.

Many of us watched, or have now heard the news, that the murder trial in the killing of George Floyd has resulted in three guilty verdicts for the ex-police officer who stood trial and is scheduled to be sentenced in a few weeks. There is a collective pause in the country now that this trial has ended with a conviction, along with a sense of gratitude for the verdicts. But while the guilty verdicts were what we had hoped for, justice cannot be viewed as the result of one trial or any single act. Justice is an ongoing construct and is not just served when a life is lost. Let the verdicts inspire each of us to increase accountability, work to break down systemic and institutionalized racism, and double down on our campus commitment to equity and justice. There is a role for each of us at York College to play as we move forward as informed and justice-focused citizens in and beyond Jamaica, Queens. 

Please stay safe in the days and weeks to come and practice self-care. Professional assistance is available for those who feel they need to reach out to someone. If students need support, counseling resources are available at and for faculty and staff,

In solidarity,

Berenecea Johnson-Eanes, President
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