GOT7 – Is That You Calling My Name?

GOT7 Band. Photo Credit: Lillian Santos via Flickr

By Aleah Cole

 The “international” K-Pop group, “Got7”, surprised their fandom, “Ahgases” with the most touching comeback on November 4th. 

       The comeback is called, “ Say My Name”.  The group members shared teasers of themselves in both dark colored suits and hair except Mark Tuan in an all white suit on Oct. 10. Each member: Bambam, Jackson Wang, Park Jin-young, Kim Yugyeom, Choi Young-jae and Lim Jaebeom have their own individual images. 

       Their music video called, “You Calling My Name”, demonstrated a very mature aesthetic appeal. The attractive Got7 members danced their hearts out through sentiment. The video opens with Got7 members arranged in a spiral pattern. It also shows a black and white silhouette of the group. Throughout the music video, the members danced with a feeling of yearning and lost love. The best part, came in when the group told Ahgases to keep calling their names. 

     When asked about the concept in the music video, Yugyeom said, “We came back with a more sorrowful and sexy concept than before. It is a new [type of concept] we are trying out, so we are curious how fans will react. 

 Yugyeom continued to explain the “sorrowful sexy” concept.“When looking at just the concept, it is very sexy. However, the word ‘sorrowful’ fits better when you look at the lyrics,” according to Soompi.

   The group’s  new Album, “Call My Name” consists of six tracks. The album costs $20.00 in the United States and Puerto Rico. Fans and listeners ordered the album that included four types of photo books, 1 out of the 4 types of random CDs, and 7 types of Photo Cards.

    Got7 performed at “M Countdown” in Korea on Nov. 7 dressed up in the street style fashion. They performed two songs: “Crash and Burn” and “You Calling My Name” which are in their album. They showed how versatile and powerful they are as a group through their sharp and playful performance.

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