Queens County Farm: Ways To Enjoy Fall

The Queens County Farm is a great place to enjoy the Fall weather. Photo Credit: Jessica Defreitas

By Jessica Defreitas

If you are looking for a festive and family friendly place to visit this fall and winter then look no further, because Queens County Farm is the place to visit. Living in the city, you may want to escape at times and what better way to do so by visiting a farm. 

At Queens County Farm, you will have the chance to bask in nature while being surrounded by cute farm animals, some of which you can pet. Whether it be yourself and a friend or your family, it is a tranquil getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. 

Throughout the year, Queens County Farm is known for its continuous list of events and activities. During the fall, you can enjoy the corn maze, pumpkin picking and various animal interactions. Other activities you can enjoy include the 18th century tavern nights, the farm holiday market, a wreath making workshop and the holiday open house. 

The holiday market is a great way to ring in the Christmas season with its assortment of Christmas trees, wreaths, poinsettias and holiday gifts. There are also traditional games, toys and handmade stuffed animals which are all great entertainment for the little ones. The wreath making workshop is another unique activity offered at the farm. 

Staff will show you what to do and provide the materials, all you need are garden shears of your own. To beef up the Christmas cheer, festive music is played with cider and cookies to snack on. If you ask me, it does not get more Christmasy than that. 

Unlike other outdoor event spaces, the Queens County Farm is open all year round with the exception of New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. It is the largest continuously farmed site in the New York State occupying 47 acres. Of this 47 acres you can enjoy historic farm buildings, a greenhouse complex, livestock, farm vehicles and implements, planting fields, an orchard, and an herb garden. 

The farm has been open since 1697. Entrance to the farm is free with the exclusion of special events which for the most part are at an affordable price rate. There is also a stand set up at Jamaica Hospital with an array of fruits and vegetables grown at the farm. For those interested, they accept SNAP/EBT, WIC, FMNP Checks, Health Bucks Fresh Connect Checks along with cash, credit and debit cards. 

The Queens County Farm is unlike anything you can take part in in the city. Their livestock breeds range from cattle, sheep, pigs, hens and goats, to honeybees. It was quite refreshing to see the animals enjoying their peaceful environment, eating and grazing in a vast open space. Kids can enjoy pony rides and hayrides and feed the animals too. The animals also seemed a lot happier than those I have seen at zoos. They seemed to be carefree and relaxed and they did not look caged or refined in any way. 

If you are an animal and/or nature lover, the farm offers a volunteer program, no sign up is required. The only requirement is to be 18 years or older. You can work for just an hour or all day, the schedule is totally up to you.

You may be looking for a sanctuary and a place to escape, the farm is definitely a great option for you to consider. Whether you just want to see cute animals, take your kids for a day out or find some time for yourself, there are many activities at the farm. You will not regret it.

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