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Photo Courtesy: Pamela Garcia

By Pamela Garcia

College students can go their entire four (or more) years without ever joining any student clubs or activities. This was almost the case for Timothy Girel, a senior majoring in Political Science at York College. But, because of him, there is now a Political Science Club at York.

Girel said he had always wanted to get involved with the school community in a meaningful way but was unable to because of his busy course load. Still, Girel had a passion to start a Political Science Club before he graduated.

Girel organized the club and its elections in the Spring 2019 semester while preparing for midterms and working as an intern. He was determined to create a unique club.

Girel said there were moments when he felt like the goals he had for the club’s creation required too much effort, especially since he had to go through the process of starting a club at York as well as encourage his peers to run for cabinet positions and join the club.

His persistence finally paid off when he was informed by Student Activities that the Political Science Club met all the requirements and is now a fully established and acknowledged group at the school.

The official cabinet members of the club includes Achasha Hate as the vice president, Meredith Innocent as the secretary, Vincent Anasor as the treasurer, and Girel as the president.

Girel’s determination and drive will continue to set the standard for hard-working students to develop the club way after he graduates this spring. He wants the club to be open to all students regardless of their major.

Anyone who is interested in current affairs, United States history or social issues are encouraged to join the club. Anyone can then run for a position, organize events and help make decisions in this club.

All meetings are held in room 3B01on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 p.m to 2 p.m. to accommodate student’s schedules.

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