Open Door Policy: Keizs Attempts to Get Student Input on Campus Issues


In an effort to create a more open dialogue with students and the York College community, President Marcia V. Keizs will be holding monthly “Open Fridays” meetings, during which  students are invited to meet with her one-on-one and can voice their concerns about any issues regarding campus policies and procedures.

The subject-matter at the monthly event is not limited to a certain topic of conversation, Keizs said. By discussing a wide-range of topics, a number of issues regarding student development, problems with faculty and even personal matters, Keizs is hoping to open a wider conversation about life on campus.

“If I were going to meet with the president, I would give suggestions on how to improve York College,” said Babita Stephanie Bissoon, a Speech Communications and Theater Arts major. The opportunity presented by the meetings, she said, “…is opening doors for more democracy and gives individuals at York College the satisfaction of not only being heard but also making a difference.”

“This will allow the president, faculty and students to have a better relationship.. It gives a better perspective on what’s needed from York College,” said Jonathan Chery, a Computer Science major. “Open Fridays would amend the school by having increased knowledge on what to fund. It gives the president an idea of what needs more money and what doesn’t.”

Open Fridays will be held at the York College Academic Core Building in the president’s conference room, 2H02. All appointments will be limited to 30 minutes and must be scheduled with Leteria Scott at or by calling the president’s office at 718-262-2359. The next scheduled meeting date will be October 17 from 2 to 4:30 p.m.

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