Public Safety Arrested Female Bathrooms Peeping Tom Suspect

By Angel Adegbesan

York Public Safety Officers apprehended and arrested a suspect on campus on Nov. 8, according to a school-wide email on Nov. 9.

The arrest was regarding an unidentified male individual who was observed in the women’s restroom located in the 1F corridor. This individual allegedly took photos of a woman that was in an adjacent stall, with his cell phone.

The male individual was observed in the female restroom located in the 1F corridor, on Oct. 29, at 1:55 PM, and was reported by a York College staff member, officials said in a school-wide email on Oct. 31.

“The Office of Public Safety would like to take this opportunity to thank the College community for its patience and cooperation with the investigation and encourages everyone to continue reporting anything you deem suspicious,” the Nov. 9 email stated.

The Public Safety Office can be contacted at (718)-262-2222 or in person at the Public Safety Office located in room 1M02 of the Academic Core building. Public Safety escorts are available upon requests.

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