To Relax or Finish the Semester Strong

By Ilvea Lezama

With the last few weeks of school approaching most students were looking forward to spring break,  a week off to relax and catch up on some sleep. But not all professors were compassionate and many sent students off with assignments during the break. Kayla Baptise, who is majoring in Early Childhood Education had homework for English, Math, and Western Civilization. “I did not complete the work,” said Baptise. “It was my week off to recharge” Baptise said she did not hand in any work after coming back from Spring Break but asked for an extension to help her catch up with her schoolwork.

Rather than being unsettled by schoolwork, freshman and Computer Science major Christopher Budhram was glad to have homework during the break for Spanish 102 and Precalculus. “I know my professors did it to keep us in the rhythm of things. It was for us to stay on track, you know? I did not mind it.” He managed to get his work done and to relax. 

Freshman Roman Ottoley, spent his week watching YouTube videos. YouTube videos to help him figure out how to complete his chemistry homework. “I find YouTube to be a better source of information than the website we were given in class,” said that his Chemistry professor is great and how he wished for his class to be more than just an hour and 15 minutes. On the other hand, Sophomore and Communication Technology student Justice Pinzon-Vieira had, “…to complete a very easy test for my TV Studio Production class, the test was not a big deal.” Pinzon-Vieira also got to read one of his classmates’ fictional stories for his Creative Writing class. “For my creative writing class, we had to write either a fictional or non-fictional story, take it home, read it and critique it,” said Pinzon-Vieira. “I loved reading it, I gave it some feedback, anything to help.”

Whether it was a week to relax or to study, that was a call for each student to make individually. Now it is time to finish this semester STRONG!

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